Anime: Seen on TV!! Tamagocchi

7/7/1997 - 3/21/1998, Mondays 7:56 - 8:00 PM TV series 27 episodes WIZ/Studio Gallop/Fuji TV
Series Director
Episode Director, Storyboard: #1-27
Producer (Fuji TV): Ishii Kôji
Art Director: Mitsui Hideki
Character Design: Watanabe Kenji
Music: Wada Kaoru

Takeuchi Junko etc.

A mini series based on the 'electronic animal' which was a fad in Japan amongst the younger set a few years back. Each episode is only 1 minute long, and there is no (intelligible) dialogue. The producer reportedly said that dialogue was intentionally omitted in the hope of marketing the series overseas, though ironically it never was. Hata was probably called in due to his extensive experience animating character-based products at Sanrio, and he would appear to have exercised more complete control over this series than any other he directed, directing and writing the storyboard of every episode.

In Japan, one VHS tape entitled Bideo de hakken!! Tamagocchi was released. It contains the movie Tamagocchi: Honto no hanashi and 9 episodes from the TV series. (Bandai Visual, 11/25/1997, YYV-121, ¥2,500, sleeve)

In the US, one VHS tape entitled Tamagotchi Video Adventures was released in 1998. It contains the movie and other lame crap, but no TV episodes. (sleeve)

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