9/15/1970 Movie 112 minutes Mushi Productions (distributed by Nihon Herald Eiga)
Key animation
See Sub Rosa entry for credits
The next Animerama film. The character Antonius was animated by Hata, and Antonius's death scene was drawn by NAKAMURA Kazuko and polished by Hata. At the discussion session for this film in 1986 were producer TOMIOKA Atsushi, director YAMAMOTO Eiichi, key animator NAKAMURA Kazuko, and recording technician TASHIRO Atsumi. Hata's scenes evoked laughter and a few comments about Hata, particularly the interrogation scene with the fat police chief and the frustrated underlings. It seems it was entirely animated by Hata. One person, I forget who, commented how Hata's face became serious and he became completely absorbed when he sat down at the desk to draw, and how he meticulously planned each of his scenes to get the humor just right. The police-chief in the interrogation scene is sort of reminiscent of the roly-poly guy on the ship in 1001 Nights. Caesar's dive into the Roman bath, with its accompanying bellow, elicited a laugh from the audience; when prompted by Tomioka who animated Caesar, Yamamoto indicated that it was Hata, though I'm not sure whether to interpret this to mean that he animated Caesar throughout the film. Other interesting notes: KAMIGUCHI Teruto animated Ionius and Lupa, and it was repeatedly commented how much relish he put into animating Lupa. AKABORI Mikiharu was the special effects animator, animating things like the water in the second Cleopatra-Caesar love scene. His big scene in the film was the glorious sea battle, which Yamamoto said he labored arduously on, as did many of these young and driven animators in their own 'big scene'. A most interesting fact was stated by Nakamura (nicknamed Wako-san; she animated Cleopatra), namely that all of the women in the film were animated by women animators. FURUSAWA Hideo, a veteran of the early age of post-war anime, animated the fascinating Kabuki "Et Tu, Brute" scene, pulling off a visual stunt which could easily have flopped. He was clearly very respected by his colleagues at the discussion. He was also the one who animated the fight between the blue oni and the giant bird on the island in 1001 Nights.

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