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Monday, September 5, 2005

10:00:00 pm , 355 words, 1055 views     Categories: Animation

Yutaka Nakamura in Eureka Seven 20

The mecha animation of Eureka Seven 20 was nice thanks to Ken Otsuka's work as mecha AD and the animators involved, including the small handful of figures other than Mitsuo Iso that come to mind when I think of RahXephon - Takashi Tomioka, Hiroki Kanno, Yoshiyuki Ito. But the cake was taken by the last few shots by Yutaka Nakamura. It's been a while since I've seen anything by him, though most recently he worked on Wolf's Rain. I remember perusing his work on FMA and being impressed by how his work had changed since Bebop. It was so much more polished, condensed, fuller. Otsuka himself mentioned that Nakamura animated this section, but even without that tip it's fairly obvious just from seeing the section. It's in a league of its own. Stylistically one thing I've noticed about his work all the way back to Bebop is that the timing is often very fast. There was one shot in a sequence he did for Bebop where the main character runs onto the screen from the left into the distance. It's a rather amusing shot because the absurd rapidity with which he attains the distance is obviously a little overdone. It all happens in a split second and uses only three or four drawings. Even Nakamura admits he missed that one a bit. But the enthusiasm he put into the sequence is palpable and makes it a catchy piece of fast-footed action. Nowhere else was there that kind of tension. Also Nakamura has a very organic and flowing way of treating form, viz the elastic animation of the robot at the end of his sequence. Nakamura is one of the small handful of active TV animators whose work feels worth following. Other than that I liked the one shot of missiles right at the beginning of part B - Tomioka?

The trailer for Satelight's new show Noein is certainly interesting. The animation looks nice and dynamic, the forest scene particularly. Takahiro Kishida's designs are unusual, as usual. This being a Satelight production, it should come as no surprise that Norio Matsumoto is reported to be heavily involved.



Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Hm… in case you’re still interested, ep 10 of Tide Line Blue is another Kazuhide Tomonaga ep… this week’s was ep 8. So it’s the week after next, I believe.

09/08/05 @ 01:40
Ben [Visitor]

Hopefully he’ll also be animating… I don’t know if you noticed, but he was also in ep 6, which had lots of fx.

09/08/05 @ 03:33
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

I think he’ll be animating. Yeah, I noticed him in the credits… it was another Umanosuke Iida episode…

Recently episode 20 of Speed Grapher had the usual… animation in some bits, but there was this great animation in an earlier part, of the Evil Baddie of the Week - a weird fusion of audio speakers and human being… Hiroyuki Okuno did direct and AD the episode and a bit of key animation but no Hisashi Mori.

09/12/05 @ 03:10
Ben [Visitor]

It was passable in bits, less so in others, but I’m still not sure I’ve got a grasp of Okuno’s drawing style. First thing I did was check the credits for Mori, and he wasn’t there, but while watching there were one or two shots that sort of felt like Mori - specifically the part where Saiga falls through the floor. More than likely it’s quite simply not him, but it ran through my mind that maybe he opted out of being credited because he wasn’t happy with the work or something… And I also remember thinking the baddie moved interestingly in a shot or two.

09/12/05 @ 05:09
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

It appears that Satoru Utsunomiya was in episode 25 of Aquarion… His name was first in the list so I guess he mustn’t have done only a little…

But I don’t remember anything really really amazing. Okay, I guess I can’t remember what with the tons of CG and special effects.

09/21/05 @ 06:17
Ben [Visitor]

I thought maybe he’d be in the last episode, but okay… I’ll have to check that out.

09/21/05 @ 08:38
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Hmmm, and ep 22 of Speed Grapher has Masashi Ishihama AD. One of his friends (I think) who did key animation in the OP, Erukin Kawabata, is the director and storyboarder… I think this is the first time since ep 1 Masashi Ishihama was the AD . I hope the animation will be as good as the first ep’s.

09/24/05 @ 05:16