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Thursday, November 11, 2004

05:10:47 pm , 253 words, 1275 views     Categories: Mind Game

Yuasa speaks

Fish skeleton extension cordThe current exhibit at the Intercommunication Center in Shinjuku is a retrospective of the Nonsense Machines created by Maywa Denki, a two-brother art unit modeled on the electrical appliance microcompanies that were a hallmark of 60s Japan. (company site) In addition to the exhibits, there will be a series of talk events. The last one is entitled "Cartoonist and director and electrician's poem" and will feature Mind Game creator Robin Nishi and director Masaaki Yuasa. It will be broadcast live on the internet December 18 @ 18:00, Japan time. I'm not sure how Yuasa got involved in this, but it's easy enough to see the affinity between these surreal objects and Yuasa's equally surreal and mad design world. I'll summarize afterwards.

An extra soundtrack CD was added to the two Mind Game DVD box sets to add some purchasing incentive. Reportedly Seiichi Yamamoto recorded hours and hours of music for the film that never made it in for lack of space, and some voiced interest in seeing some of that released; ask etc.

An interesting item that sheds some light on Yuasa's open approach to the film: We know about the possibility of the actors being replaced in the dub, but one of the prizes being offered to Japanese purchasers of the DVD is the opportunity to record a scene from the movie with YOUR face in the role of the character in question - an amusing development that makes you realize Yuasa really meant what he said about a the film being a "work in progress".



Tsuka [Visitor]

What a disappointment, apparently Mind Game DVDs will not have any english subtitles :-(

There’s no any mention on the new dvd area on Before, only one page has a mention to english subtitles, it was on the Big Time Entertainment website, and the subtitles was just “planned".

On other hand, there’s a little good news. Those who will order Special ou Perfect Box will have a ticket for a contest … where you’ll be able to win a particpation in next Yuasa animation-short production (as a voice cast or has a photo model for a character - as in Mind Game with real faces -), or a visit of Studio 4°C, or a “Junk Film Sheet” (?) of Mind Game. More informations on the webpage I linked above.

11/11/04 @ 18:09
Ben [Visitor]

You’ve got it a little mixed up.

- Grand Prize
2 winners get to be there at the voice-recording session for Masaaki Yuasa’s next film, a short produced by 4°c scheduled for release next summer. The two will be mentioned in the credits. I don’t think they’re going to be doing any voice-acting, they just get to be there.

- A Prize
5 winners: Have a scene from MG redone with your face in place of the character.

- B Prize
5 groups of 2: Visit Studio 4°C (Summer 2005)

- C Prize
20 winners: “Mind Game Junk Film Sheet". Your guess is as good as mine what this is.

Needless to say, you have to be in Japan for this.

You’re right, though… the English subs are still up in the air. Not very encouraging that they don’t mention it on the new DVD page. Big Time isn’t the only place. still lists it as being “planned". I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Would indeed be very disappointing if they didn’t…

11/11/04 @ 18:28
Tsuka [Visitor]

Yes, I mixed up the prizes informations because I have a lack of vocabulary in english ^^; I always write simply in this language. Sorry ^^

I didn’t saw that has a mention to subtitles too … I really hope that there will have the time to translate the movie and put subtitles on the DVDs. I think they didn’t planned to do it at the beggining, but it was claimed on Beyond-C special DVD page, perhaps too later.

11/11/04 @ 18:59
Ben [Visitor]

I was also wondering if it’s just a question of not having time to get a translator or sub it. If that’s all it is, that would really suck. Heck, I’d volunteer to translate it for them if that’s all it was. I’d just need a few days. I’m pretty fast. (I was actually considering writing them about that.)

11/11/04 @ 19:05
Owen Carson
Owen Carson [Visitor]

“I’m not sure how Yuasa got involved in this, but it’s easy enough to see the affinity between these surreal objects and Yuasa’s equally surreal and mad design world.”

When I saw “Yuasa speaks” and the picture of the fish skeleton, I immediately thought it was a recreation of that great fish-cutting scene from Nekojiru-so..

Great, if it has been confirmed the actors will be changed, Japanese DVD is probably the only chance to see the film in its original version…maybe even worth getting unsubbed release.

Thought earlier today about asking subtitle related questions on Beyond C, but don’t know enough Japanese.

11/11/04 @ 20:11
Tsuka [Visitor]

The Big Time Entertainment webpage about Mind Game DVDs has just been updated … english subtitles seems to be still “planned". I hope it will :) !

11/12/04 @ 19:53