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Monday, May 30, 2005

06:00:11 pm , 158 words, 857 views     Categories: Animation

Yoshiyuki Momose's new short

Yoshiyuki Momose has directed a followup to the short Portable Airport entitled Space Station No. 9 at Ghibli subsidiary Studio Cajino, once again set to a track from the same band's latest album, and once again it appears it's going to be impossible to see it for a long time (outside of the museum), though a clip is available (which I haven't seen because this page crashes my browser). Reportedly the animator lineup is up to par with the previous short, making it an item of interest. I've long wanted to see that Umacha commercial animated by Osamu Tanabe again, the first in a series done by him, and then there's the short films shown at the Ghibli Museum that would be nice to see, particularly Kujiratori with Masaaki Yuasa as an animator. All of that would fit nicely onto one DVD. Curious how Momose has been making the recent films/shorts there that attract all the interesting animators.



Josh [Visitor]

What browser are you using? Works fine in Opera.

Really awesome clip - love the colors and designs, if the ‘unnamed director’ for the third upcoming Ghibli film isn’t Momose I’m going to be super pissed now. Guy is too talented to be hiding in obscurity like this.

Also, have you heard of an animator named Hiromitsu Murakami? I haven’t checked Digital Stadium recently, so I dunno if he’s shown up there. Really neat stuff, just found this today over on the IG forums. Character designs are definitely a bit freaky, but I’m more than willing to overlook that for a film as creative as Small Wish.

Link here:

05/30/05 @ 22:24
Ben [Visitor]

I’ll have to download Opera, then. I always have this problem. (both with Explorer and Firefox)

Have to agree about Momose. I’m crossing my fingers.

And no, I’ve never heard of that Murakami guy. I don’t remember seeing him on Digital Stadium before. It looks like he’s mostly been working in the UK lately. I’m not usually into CGI, and like you said, those character designs were really “whoah", but it’s unusual in a nice way. I found the “superhero” short a little slow at first, but once I got attuned to the pace I have to admit the story moved me, probably cause I could really relate to it. Still a little lacking in dynamism, but I’d like to see more films that talk about stuff like this. Reminds me a bit of Maya Asakura, at least in terms of the way it addresses this kind of inner turmoil in a way that feels universal and convincing. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.

05/31/05 @ 13:25
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith [Visitor]

Try pasting this url directly into your media player:


05/31/05 @ 22:21
Ben [Visitor]

Apologies for broadcasting my computer troubles here. I tried it on my laptop and I have no problems, so it’s my obviously my PC that’s glitchy.

One problem remains: Now that I can see it, I realize that I put up the wrong link!

That link was to a clip from Portable Airport, the first one from last year. I’ve updated the link in the post with the correct link to the clip for Space Station No. 9. Not as colorful a clip, but I’m guessing it’s from the beginning and it just gets better from there on out.

05/31/05 @ 22:41
Philip_Daniel [Visitor]

Well, if you’re interested, here’s the “Umacha” short, on youtube:–Pf8

12/17/06 @ 18:24
Ben [Member]  

Thanks very much, Philip. Glad to finally see this again after all this time.

12/17/06 @ 23:06