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Thursday, February 2, 2006

11:01:16 pm , 211 words, 1818 views     Categories: Animation, Indie

Tokyo Loop

For those of us who couldn't get enough of Winter Days and The Planet, we now have a new art animation omnibus to look forward to: Tokyo Loop. Koji Yamamura reports that the Image Forum, which brought us Thinking and Drawing, and has regularly presented avant-garde cinema to the public via its homegrown video releases and screenings at its Shibuya Theater, is now producing an original omnibus that will bring together animated shorts by 16 Japanese creators. Due for completion this year, the film is being made to celebrate the centenary of James Stuart Blackton's Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, the seminal animated film, and the theme of the shorts, as indicated by the title, is the Japanese capital. The old guard is present in the persons of Nobuhiro Aihara, Keiichi Tanaami, Yoji Kuri, Taku Furukawa and Koji Yamamura; and the young guard is represented by Atsushi Wada, Tomoyasu Murata, Mika Seike and Kei Oyama, most of whom will be familiar from Thinking and Drawing. Most interestingly, however: It's not all just animators. The rest of the contributors are artists of various other persuasions - from manga-ka Kotobuki Shiriagari to experimental filmmakers Takashi Ito and Toshio Iwai - so it will be interesting to see what stimulation they bring to the mix.


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