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Friday, April 27, 2007

11:48:56 pm , 145 words, 2891 views     Categories: Animation

Stepping out

Haven't had time to watch much recent stuff, but it was interesting to see that Osamu Kobayashi struck again so soon after his solo ep of Kemonozume, this time in Guren Lagan 4. Was what one would expect. I would have figured waiting a bit into the series might have been a more prudent thing to do. Most surprising of all is that Hisashi Mori has been in every ep since ep 2. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing, three straight eps from Mori. Someone there must really like him. Seeing ep 4 revealed that this was the ep where they got the transformation animation featured in the op, which I guess is why they didn't credit him.

I'll be heading out on a trip tomorrow and won't be back until May 12 (perfect timing), so the blog will probably be silent until then. Ja ne!



Random person
Random person [Visitor]  

Had a good chuckle over Gurenn-Lagann. I suppose all the ‘controversy’ brought about by it might have just drawn more curious people rather than less. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mori so much though. Goodness knows what’ll happen if he AD’d an episode, though.

And what nice timing indeed! See you around then. Have a great time, and looking forward to your thoughts on Coil once it airs. Thanks for all the hard work so far.

04/28/07 @ 02:38
Eric F.
Eric F. [Visitor]  

Enjoy your trip! It is nice to get away from the anime world every now and then.

An excellent time to return to be sure. I also hope you have an opportunity to watch Tokikake soon.

04/28/07 @ 09:08