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Saturday, December 23, 2006

11:04:51 pm , 492 words, 1340 views     Categories: Animation, Misc, Indie, TV

Ayakashi Ayashi 12

I remember in an old comment talking about some of the circus animation in Eureka 7. Ep 35 had a good deal of nice work. There were two particularly intricate shots, the first involving the tower, which I believe to have been done by Soichiro Matsuda, and the second apparently by a mystery figure not credited... I guessed Chikashi Kubota, but apparently it may have been another young face, Kaichiro Terada. I bring it up because both did some nice work in the latest episode of Bones' follup fantasy adventure, Ayakashi Ayashi #12, this time both credited. I don't know why Terada wasn't credited previously, if it was him. I'm familiar with Matsuda, who has done mostly Yasushi Muraki-styled twirling circus animation ever since the opening of Futakoi Alternative (he also did the fight at the beginning of Kemonozume #1), but not so much with Terada. My guess would be that Terada did the first action sequence with the man atop the dragon-like creature and that very fast shot, and Matsuda the sequence that follows about a minute afterwards, where the guy pulls those shining objects out of his body. Total guess, though, because I don't have a good enough grasp of their styles to be sure. Terada apparently animated the bit at the very beginning of the opening, so it is an educated guess. From what I've seen of his work, I get the impression that Terada's timing seems to be a little too fast sometimes, while Matsuda's timing seems to be a little more reined in and slow and heavy. Most obvious of all, the second part has a typical Matsuda trademark, that zigzagging smoke trail (also to be seen in Gaiking 13).

And I remember fearing that Choi Eunyoung probably wouldn't have a chance to do more of the great personally styled animation she did in Kemonozume (ep 6 and the avant of ep 10) at any other studio.... yet here she is already doing exactly that in this episode. I never expected to see this kind of animation in a Bones series, particularly this one. Not surprisingly, presumably out of fear that it would stick out too much, they added a dark blue filter to the screen to make it seem like a mood effect. Unfortunately, they went overboard and darkened the screen so much that it's virtually impossible to see the actual animation. Still, it's encouraging that we should be able to see more of her great work this soon afterwards. It's interesting to see foreigners like Choi Eunyoung and Jamie Vickers (Tokyo Tribe 2 ending) injecting some fresh blood into anime like this.

I was holding out hope that Yuri Norstein's Overcoat might at least near completion this year, but that doesn't appear very likely now. Beyond what point does perfectionism turn into obsession? Is thirty years too long for one person to spend creating a single film? I just hope what happened to The Thief and the Cobbler doesn't happen to Norstein's film.



Manuloz [Visitor]

Thx i did not catch the name of the animator when i found the clip on 2chan.
I should have noticed, if i had paid more attention on the caractere faces ^^’

I uploaded the clip of Eun young Choi on youtube :

12/24/06 @ 01:48
Manuloz [Visitor]

The new ending of Ayakashi Ayashi is the work of Norimitsu Suzuki. Check it on youtube :

01/07/07 @ 22:25
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

I’m sorry for hyperventilating here, but talk about godly combinations - Episode 18 of Chevalier. Why did nobody mention this before?

Naoyoshi Shiotani S and D, and who do we have animating?

How about: Shiotani, Ookubo (Tooru), Komatsuda, Kise?

Oh - and Matsumoto.
First on the KA list to boot.

Pity I can’t watch it just yet, but…

01/12/07 @ 09:47
Ben [Member]  

This is a little late, but thanks for mentioning this. It was quite interesting.

01/24/07 @ 22:46