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Friday, November 3, 2006

09:09:34 pm , 102 words, 1401 views     Categories: Animation, OVA, Director: Yasuhiro Aoki

Yasuhiro Aoki's Amazing Nuts

Studio 4°C seems to have a new omnibus coming out next month: Amazing Nuts. The main reason I'm interested is that Yasuhiro Aoki has done one of the four segments. I was disappointed that he wasn't involved in Genius Party, so it's good to see him here. The stills from his piece look amazingly beautiful. Can't wait to see it. It's written by Shinji Obara, main writer of Champloo and Tweeny Witches, which bodes well. They were a killer team in Tweeny Witches. Daisuke Nakayama, who's been doing a lot of interesting work there recently, also did one of the segments.



h_park [Member]

I guess Genius Party exceeded number of directors it needed. Too bad Yasuhiro Aoki is not involved with Genius Party. Heck, I wish that Kazuhiro Yaginuma was involved with Genius Party after all that trouble making his pilot film for “Digital Juice". At least I’m glad that Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s project got green light for the film.
Anyway, back to Amazing Nuts. We all know that Japanese recording companies made animated music/promotional videos for their music stars. Short films with touch of music video? I wonder Studio 4C is experimenting something new with animated music video genre.

11/05/06 @ 03:17
Ben [Member]  

Yeah, I do dig how 4C seems to constantly come up with not just new material but new formats and approaches to production and collabration and presentation. I’m very eager to see how these musical shorts will turn out.

11/11/06 @ 00:57
Tsuka [Visitor]
11/13/06 @ 02:54