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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

11:27:44 am , 212 words, 611 views     Categories: Animation

The Passion of the Norstein

Quote of the day, from this opinion piece on the St. Petersburg Times web site, regarding the fate of Yuri Norstein's 20-year-old work-in-progress, an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's The Overcoat:

When an offer for all his past and future work came from Hollywood shortly after he'd lost his studio - and with it any chance of continuing "The Overcoat" - he refused. He said that he had been a serf to communism all his life, and he wasn't ever going to be a serf again, even if he had to starve.

Apart from this Japanese page dedicated to Norstein on the site of the Japanese publisher Comic Box, which recently released a 250-page deluxe edition volume of Norstein's animated art, it almost comes as a surprise to think that Norstein is considered one of the all-time great animators considering how little material of substance there is on the web about his work. Norstein has been a regular attendee at the Laputa Animation Festival over the years. And with Winter Days recently, and the lithographs being sold by Comic Box to support production of The Overcoat, it gives me a warm feeling to think that Japan is probably the country that has been most supportive and understanding of Norstein for the last decade.


1 comment

irod [Visitor]

I agree with you, no one cares here in Russia. I visited his lecture this week in High Director’s Courses, here in Moscow, and all examples of his artworks he showed to us, not seen before sketches and concepts, was from those books printed in Japan.

He is working on Japanese project right now, btw.

08/11/04 @ 03:46