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Monday, June 28, 2004

09:00:33 pm , 293 words, 977 views     Categories: Animation

The Longest Day + Peter Pan

Today felt like the longest day ever. I walked a total of 20 kilometers with a cumulative elevation change of 2000 meters. I tried to make it to Alouette Peak over in Golden Ears Park, but I conked out just a bit before the end. I was cramping up. That's what I get for diving in the deep end. It's been months since I did any major hiking.

I'm lucky enough to have found a means of seeing the old Nippon Animation World Masterpiece Theater series Peter Pan, and I'm really looking forward to it. I was surprised to find out a short time ago just how many great animators were involved in it. Presumably they were attracted to the show because of who was in charge of the character design, 1980s Karisuma Animator No. 1, Takashi Nakamura. He animated the op too. Here's a sampling of who did what in this series:

  • Mitsuo Iso: 20 (uncredited) - the part where a character dons a cap
  • Osamu Tanabe: 21
  • Shinya Ohira: 23, 40 (the major pull for me)
  • Norio Matsumoto: 19, 22, 26, 29, 32, 35, 41 (amazing - this guy is everywhere)
  • Hiroyuki Okiura: 8, 16, 20, 22, 37, 41

Hiroyuki Okiura was also animation director on episodes 12, 20 and 28.

I have a poster on Coosun's BBS to thank for this list.

I've already seen episode 22, the climax of the first half of the series, which is a must-see for Nakamura fans. I've honestly never seen such a well animated meisaku episode. I've heard that there was an episode where the animators got into trouble for drawing more than 10,000 cels, and were forced to trim it down. I'm guessing this is the episode. Truly what I'd expect of Nakamura, who made his name drawing animation far above the norm in terms of both quality and quantity in his episodes of Gold Lightan and Urashiman.


1 comment

Kenji [Visitor]

So, you have seen that anime-version of Peter Pan? About 14-15 years ago it was broadcasted here in Mexico and many were shocked to see the second part of the series [the part that involves a girl called Luna, an evil mirror that makes people …’evil’], some bad guys that rided some strange floating devices as means of transport, and Luna’ witch-grandmother, not to forget Capt. Hook’s work for the witch. I cannot also forget some strange berries that were evil or something; whoever ate them would be filled with pessimism or someother thing. The most memorable part was when Peter ate it and would no longer be able to fly because of that sudden heavy change of mind…

11/01/05 @ 06:42