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Monday, June 20, 2005

09:23:54 am , 109 words, 745 views     Categories: Animation

The other Stormy Night


Though I haven't seen it, it looks and sounds like a nice little short and is available on DVD over here in Canada, so I might get it sometime, along with a number of other tempting items from the NFB catalogue. Yamamura Koji praises it on his new blog. I'm also interested in seeing the other films of Georges Schwizgebel, after seeing one of them recently at a festival and being rather taken by it. What I presume to be the same selection was recently released in Japan. And whatever happened to the Norman McLaren Master's Edition? I don't think I've missed it, so I suppose it's been delayed.



Philip [Visitor]

here’s some Schwizgebel

i’d come across a rather expensive dvd here (italy) and had thought to ask you about it…

the other stormy night looks rather lovely, too.

06/20/05 @ 13:51
Philip [Visitor]

unfortunately, almost all of the awn quicktime clips of schwizgebel’s work require quicktime player under classic, given that they’ve been done using the obsolete intel indeo video r3.2 codec (which is not available for more recent versions of quicktime player). only hors-jeu should play easily. for the others, on a mac, try vlc.
on a pc… sorry, no idea.

some of it (perspectives, hors-jeu) reminds me of mainwood/halas/batchelor

06/20/05 @ 16:16
Tsuka [Visitor]

A DVD of Georges Schwizgebel’s works exists in France, probably similar to the Canadian one.

06/21/05 @ 04:31
Ben [Visitor]

Searching for info on the names you mentioned last night (I knew of Halas/Batchelor, but not Mainwood - I haven’t seen The Snowman) led me to a nice site providing in-depth looks at these and other interesting UK animators. I was up into the wee hours reading it and then branching off looking at other sites about the cited artists to find out more. Always inspirational to find out how much good stuff there is out there waiting to be discovered.

06/21/05 @ 20:09
Philip [Visitor]

how funny! i had no idea mainwood was involved in the snowman - i only knew him from the long trippy animted video for kraftwerk’s autobahn he did (in collaboration with halas and batchelor). oddly enough, autobahn and the snowman are two of my kids’ absolute favourites - so maybe there’s a mainwood vibe emanating from both films…

i think you’d love the snowman.

the toonhound site isn’t loading for some reason…

06/22/05 @ 00:31
blargh [Visitor]

The norman mclaren special edition isn’t available anymore I believe, because they’re supposed to release the complete McLaren on DVD instead.

06/23/05 @ 17:38
Tsuka [Visitor]

Yes, the complete McLaren on 7DVDs is still planned for this year by ONF. French company “Cinedoc” will also release a McLaren compilation here in France this year.

06/24/05 @ 02:21