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Saturday, June 4, 2005

09:35:11 pm , 74 words, 838 views     Categories: Animation

Shisha no sho premiere

A date has finally been set for the premiere of Kihachiro Kawamoto's latest effort, The Book of a Dead Person. The film will be receiving the honor of opening the 27th annual Pia Film Festival, with a screening at the opening night gala on July 8. The page on the festival's site about the film reveals that the runtime is 70 minutes, making this film, Kawamoto's self-titled "summum opus", by far his longest piece to date.



Leo [Visitor]

This is one of the most eagerly awaited animation projects ever for me!

Kawamoto is a real master and this one sounds like the bomb! And to think that it was partly financed by fan contributions makes it even more special - maybe they could do the same to the too long in production “Overcoat” by Norstein? ;)

As a side note, I thought you’d like to know that Spain is releasing 5 DVDs containing 3 episodes each of The Adventures of Little Prince. You can check them on or

It’s under “Principito” or something.

06/06/05 @ 01:05
Leo [Visitor]

Ben, could you do a post on The Adventures of Little Prince? I really want to know more about this show as I’m tempted on buying the spanish DVDs. BTW, are there any other countries selling this show on DVD?

06/11/05 @ 01:21
Leo [Visitor]

Sorry for triple-posting but i just found out in this site that the US will have this show on DVD in September!

06/11/05 @ 02:16
Ben [Visitor]

I don’t know that much about the show, and it’s basically unremarkable from what I’ve seen. The only remarkable aspect is that Yasuji Mori was involved as one of the co-character designers, but it’s hard to discern Mori’s work in the final product and so I can’t recommend it on those terms alone.

06/11/05 @ 09:59