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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

09:05:00 am , 118 words, 11702 views     Categories: Animation

Santa Company making

I haven't seen the actual show, and it doesn't look very interesting visually, but someone brought to my attention an interesting Kickstarter project that will be probably one of the most meticulous making-ofs ever:

Luckily it looks well on its way to being funded. I also noticed that Japanese indie animator Ryo Hirano is crowdfunding his latest film, except this one is on a Japanese site:

Am I reading this wrong though or is the Blu-Ray only available at the 50K Yen level? That's pretty absurd. Otherwise a talented indie creator worth supporting.

Urbance though is the most interesting currently-running crowdfund animation and I hope it gets funded:

Index of Crowdfunded Animation in the forum.



shergal [Visitor]
10/21/14 @ 16:26
Ben [Member]  

Wow. I’d heard people say Kimura looks like a yakuza, but they weren’t exaggerating… I remember like 10 years ago he was trying to gather funding for a short animation to be done entirely by himself like this. So it’s going to be 5 minutes straight of a samurai killing people. Very like him. Rock on, Kimura!

10/22/14 @ 05:33