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Sunday, September 5, 2004

07:52:17 pm , 183 words, 1273 views     Categories: Animation, Misc

Random anime notes

Windy Tales starts next week. I hear there have been a number of "solo animator" episodes in the series Ninin ga Shinobu Den. Or rather, half-episodes. Namely:

1B - Jun Shibata 柴田淳
3A - Kei Sakai 酒井KEI
8A - Yumi Sudo 須藤祐実
9? - Atsushi Itagaki 板垣敦

But who cares? It's moe anime.

Koji Yamamura's Mt Head won the Grand Prix at Hiroshima a week ago. Crossing my fingers they show it at the VIFF.

I also noticed Nobuyoshi Sasakado 佐々門信芳 did a lot of solo flying in some 90s anime, though I wasn't impressed with what I saw.

Nobutake Ito 伊東伸高 in Champloo 14 (AD+KA). Very Nabeshin episode. Surprised to hear the Amami folk music. Could listen to that stuff for hours. A few nice spots of animation, like Jin killing Mukuro - probably Ito.

Nagai Go's Kotetsu Jeeg is coming out on DVD. Whoopee. So is Pyun Pyun Maru. Curious about that one. Sounds like a Toei version of Goku.

Some of the animators in the upcoming Naruto movie:
Tatsuya Sotomaru 外丸達也
Mamoru Sasaki 佐々木守
Takashi Hashimoto 橋本敬史
Kazuyoshi Yaginuma 柳沼和良
Hirobumi Suzuki 鈴木博文
Tokuyuki Matsutake 松竹徳幸
Takeshi Honda 本田雄
Tetsuya Nishio 西尾鉄也 (of course)


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