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Sunday, May 22, 2005

04:25:28 pm , 28 words, 650 views     Categories: Misc

Rainy day photos

It's raining and gray today, so I - what else? - went out and took photographs of the rain, since it's such a rare occurrence here in Vancouver.



Josh [Visitor]

You know you want to get a Flickr account. All the cool bloggers are doing it.

Seriously though, those are some pretty sweet pictures. The last one really reminds me of 19 Rainstorms, which was a really nifty installation I saw recently of videos of, well, rainstorms. Simple, but it works.

05/22/05 @ 23:44
Ben [Visitor]

Thanks. Your writeup of that installation made me wish I was still living in Seattle, though there’s ample downpour even up here. March and April were pretty much two months straight of rain.

Actually, I’d never heard of Flickr, but you make it sound very tempting. Just what the world needs, another amateur flogger.

05/23/05 @ 10:55
Josh [Visitor]

I’m sorry that a stupid, one-off comment I made shortly before I went to bed would make someone so touchy.

05/23/05 @ 13:36
Ben [Visitor]

I fear my use of the word “flogger” confused you. I was under the impression that was the word used to describe photo loggers, and I was referring to myself. I was not being touchy.

05/23/05 @ 13:44
Josh [Visitor]

It was more the “just what the world needs”

God damn it’s hard to tell tone over the Internet…

05/23/05 @ 14:34
tim_drage [Member]

Nice pictures!!

05/24/05 @ 06:40