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Saturday, August 14, 2004

08:44:07 pm , 193 words, 2103 views     Categories: Animation

Otsuka's got a new book!

It's all about his experiences on the gigantic but infamously doomed Little Nemo project spearheaded by Tokyo Movie founder Yutaka Fujioka. This project is so fascinating: a modern-day cautionary tale of anime hubris! I wrote a bit about it on the page for the film in my Masami Hata filmography. I really look forward to reading this. Yutaka's past successes and obvious love for animation are undeniable, and his idealistic ambition to create a film that would be a hit in the west and in Japan, although unsuccessful in this case, was in fact fulfilled by Ghibli over the period during which this film was in fitful production, so it's interesting to study why this project failed. I have no doubt that it will be extremely insightful about many things besides the actual details of the project, including the nature of the role of the anime producer. Otsuka himself has played such an important role behind the scenes over the years that some people in the recent documentary went so far as to say he may have been equally important as a producer-type-figure. The book was published on the 22nd of last month.



jay smith
jay smith [Visitor]

woah, were can i get hold of this??

does it contain much in the way of illustrations?


08/16/04 @ 17:44
Ben [Visitor]

You can pick it up from

I don’t really know if it contains illustrations or not. I wouldn’t bank on it. It’d be nice to have a good book of Otsuka art.

08/16/04 @ 22:25