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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

01:20:38 pm , 754 words, 2456 views     Categories: Animation, Animator

Nobutake Ito

Ghibli has a new Yomiuri Shimbun ad airing, and I was right that the first one from last year was done by Osamu Tanabe, because so is this one.

Nobutake Ito 伊東伸高 was in S. Champ. 21, and a thoroughly Ito episode it was. The Suzuki brothers were there, and the extended chambara was excellent, with a different flavor from Nakazawa's. The finale was a truly exhilirating animated twirl that just screamed Ito's very special talent. Ito did a similar spiral moving action in one of his earlier episodes. Although different in style from his work in Mind Game, the scene was what one would expect from someone who brought to life the incredible velocity of Yuasa's escape sequence, which is perhaps the major animated sequence of Ito's career thus far, where animation, directing and theme combine to truly electrifying effect. I was mildly reminded of Hamaji's Resurrection while watching, in terms of the atmosphere and the treatment of the characters, but it never went as far as Ohira did, much as I was hoping it would. You can see that tendency there. I got to wondering if he even bothered to correct the faces in certain spots, so obvious was the focus on the movement. It would have been nice to see Ito's Hamaji's Resurrection, though that's probably impossible on this show. As of yet I haven't seen anything that felt like it was 100% Ito. Ito wasn't director, so that's a factor. Ito has directed/storyboarded episodes in other shows previously, and in a number of those he showed a very unique approach full of unusually-angled perspective shots, measured pacing, and a focus on packing in an amount of detailed character acting unusual for TV anime, for example in Dai Guard 22, that makes me want to see something from him that goes further in that direction, because there isn't anybody else with his uniquely appealing thin-lined shadowless style of drawing and knack for minutely detailed acting. Ito is one of those people who can be relied upon to always create animation that excites as animation.

   Akazukin Chacha 39, 52, 69
      key animation

   Nurse Angel Ririka SOS 2
      key animation

   Ninku 44, 48, 50, 54, 55
      key animation
   Evangelion 23 (TV version)
      key animation

   Battle Athletes
      1: animation director
      6: co-animation director, key animation
      10: animation director, key animation
   AIKa 1
      key animation
   Rekka no Honou 1
      key animation
   Shoujo Kakumei Utena 38
      key animation
   Generator Gaul
      3: key animation
      5, 12: animation director, key animation

   Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo 10
      animation director
   Lodoss Wars 8
      key animation
   Cowboy Bebop 26
      key animation
   Gundam 08th MS Team: Miller's Report
      key animation
   Sentimental Journey 8, 11
      key animation
   Akihabara Dennogumi op
      key animation

   Yamamoto Yoko 17
      animation director, storyboard, director
   Dai Guard 22
      animation director, storyboard
   Arc the Lad
      op key animation

   Digimon 02: Hurricane Touchdown
      co-animation director
   Ojamajo Doremi #
      key animation
   Ah My Goddess
      key animation

   Hiwou Senki 10
      animation director, storyboard

   Palme no Ki
      key animation

   Mind Game
      key animation
   Kimagure Robot 10
      storyboard, animation

   Samurai Champloo
      9, 14: animation director
      17: animation help
      18: key animation
      21: animation director, key animation



Jericho [Visitor]

I don’t mean to change the subject too obtrusivley but.. I just have to ask. While looking at several credits on several animations done by Gainax and Production IG, I noticed a strange name. Therejia Winkler. Does anyone know if this person is just a rank and file douga tantou with a nick name, or someone worth noticing. It’s rare to see foreigners operating within the inards of anime production, so I was wondering if this is just the case of a rarity.

02/23/05 @ 17:19
Ben [Visitor]

I saw her name in Dead Leaves (genga), but I don’t know anything about her.

02/24/05 @ 13:43