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Thursday, February 10, 2005

08:09:35 pm , 77 words, 1451 views     Categories: Animation

News from Venice

In July 2004, Miyazaki finished directing Hauru no ugoku shiro (Howl's Moving Castle), an anime adaptation of the children's book by the English writer, Diana Wynne Jones, which obliged him to cancel a planned retreat as a result of the sudden death of the project's original director, Mamoru Hosoda.

I think I speak on behalf of Mamoru Hosoda when I say this: "The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated."



jfrog [Visitor]

Don’t scare me like that! I skimmed this on the RSS feed and saw the words “death” and “Mamoru Hosoda” and just felt my heart sink (he’s recently become my favorite anime director - thank you so much for bringing him to my attention, by the way).

02/10/05 @ 20:53
Ben [Visitor]

Wow, really happy to hear that. Didn’t know if anybody else out there felt the same way as I did about him. I love Mamo and can’t wait to see the films he’s got in the works.

02/10/05 @ 23:34
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Speaking of which, what did you think of HOwl’s? I watched a sneak preview yesterday and was surprisingly disappointed by the story in the 2nd half. Just what the heck…?

02/11/05 @ 16:51
neilworms [Visitor]

I like Hosada’s stuff also… though I wouldn’t call him my favorite director yet… probably need to see more of his work…

I’m really interested in the new one piece movie with him and many of the mindgame staff…

02/11/05 @ 19:09
neilworms [Visitor]

I know this is a bit off-topic but have you heard of a new film by Koji Morimoto called Sachiko? I just read about it over on Anime News Network…

02/11/05 @ 19:13
Ben [Visitor]

I remember reading that Hosoda and Hiroyuki Imaishi were on a panel together a while ago and Hosoda half-jokingly implored Imaishi to do some animation for him on the One Piece movie, so who knows… the last key animation for the film apparently just came in (three weeks before release!), so it wouldn’t be impossible. Apparently Takaaki Wada is participating. Sounds to be an extremely solid animation team he whipped up for the movie.

Sachiko is news to me. Has Tsuka heard of it?

Howl was kind of perplexing to me. I found myself carried along with it, yet never convinced for a moment, and downright lost by the end… The ending and the plot holes actually got the film onto several “Worst Film of the Year” lists in Japan. But all that aside, this is something I’ve felt more and more with each new M film - pretty, better and better animation, but I just couldn’t get into it. Just feels like the same wine in the same bottle. I know exactly what to expect, so it’s not that exciting. I mean, I’ve never *once* laughed when I’m supposed to in a M film. I wish I could, but none of those characters feel real to me. I would have liked to see the Hosoda version.

02/12/05 @ 01:06
Tsuka [Visitor]

Sachiko’s project was presented on TAFLA festival. Informations comes from that blog (it won’t be Morimoto’s “feature debut", he has yet directed the “Peek The Whale” movie).

Morimoto was said on previous interviews that he was actually preparing a movie, now we have the title :) There’s no more information.

He also said to a friend of me that he was developping a animated short movie in tribute to Blade Runner (I talked about it on few months ago).

02/12/05 @ 02:29
Tsuka [Visitor]

Patrick Macias’s blog also lists a completion date of 2007 for Sachiko’s movie.

02/12/05 @ 02:45
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Speaking of Koji Morimoto, I recently watched Eternal Family, those 53 or so 30 second shorts all glued together to form an OVA. Quite interesting…

I think I reflect a seemingly general opinion that perhaps Miyazaki should finally retire… I’ve yet to see any of Hosoda’s works, though. I don’t really like One Piece so I wouldn’t go through the effort to find it and there’s a snowball’s chance in hell it’ll be screened here (I’d rather they bring over the Kino no Tabi movie. Oh well.)

02/12/05 @ 23:13
Tsuka [Visitor]

I like Eternal Family but I’m also tolerating because it’s a commercial campaign (TV ads) for NTT … and there had finally a lot a freedom according to that. Great work by Tatsuyuki Tanaka on it.

02/13/05 @ 10:27
Ben [Visitor]

I’m the kind of person who’d sit through a whole movie I otherwise would not have watched just to see a scene by an animator I like (eg, Shinji Hashimoto in Tenchi Muyo II), so I’m probably not qualified to make recommendations about who should watch what. In anime you have to bend over backwards a little sometimes to find the good stuff. In the case of Hosoda, I think the important thing is to make a clear distinction between the material and the way the material is worked. If you make that distinction, to me it’s clear as day that his Digimon films are brilliant. Hosoda has a very original and personal style that’s dangerously addictive. There was a Kino no Tabi movie? I have to see that.

02/14/05 @ 00:09
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Well, I guess I can’t really say anything either seeing that I haven’t seen a single one of his films so I wouldn’t really know what you’re talking about. But I suppose I really should go find something of his now…

And the Kino no Tabi movie is screening now (or in a few days) IIRC… Another one of those shows where I honestly wish they translated the novels. The show has excellent storytelling.

02/14/05 @ 02:10
Tsuka [Visitor]

Patrick Macias blog now list all the shorts and directors for Genius Party ! (thanks to Manuloz)

- Dimension Bomb (Dir: Koji Morimoto)
- Twilight World (Dir: Shinichiro Watanabe)
- Nayorani (Dir: Mahiro Maeda)
- Space-Time Wars (Dir: Shoji Kawamori)
- Dream Machine (Dir: Masaaki Yuasa)
- Genius Party (Dir: Atsuko Fukushima)
- Moondrive (Dir: Kazuto Nakazawa)
- Touni (Dir: Tadashi Hiramatsu)
- Limitcycle (Dir: Hideki Futamura)
- Wanwa the Puppy (Dir: Shinosuke Harada)

Nakazawa, Fukushima, yeaaaah :) !
But no words about Mamoru Hosoda …
I don’t know Shinosuke Harada …

02/15/05 @ 14:31
Ben [Visitor]

Good work, Tsuka! Thanks for passing that along.

OMG. Harada Shinnosuke? That’s Shinya Ohira’s pen name! I was hoping Ohira might be involved! :D It’s final, 4°C rules.

Watanabe was kind of a shoe-in, Nakazawa is not too surprising… Kawamori is a big name, but it’s a little surprising to see him at 4°C. Fukushima - great! Glad her husband pulled her back into action. And Hiramatsu is confirmed! Too bad about Hosoda… it may have been just a rumour. Futamura Hideki has been an animator in many 4°C works, I think, and he was in both Ohira and Hashimoto’s pieces for Twilight Theatre, but otherwise I don’t know much about him.

02/15/05 @ 14:47
Tsuka [Visitor]

Manuloz also made me remember your post about Harada Shinnosuke. So now you’re sure, Harada is Ohira, wow !

Perhaps Hosoda works on one of these shorts as storyboarder or else …

4°C RULES \°o°/ !!

02/15/05 @ 16:39
Ben [Visitor]

To be completely accurate, I’m not 100% sure; it’s just a hunch based on the fact that this “Shinnosuke Harada” person appears to have done only one thing in anime, the Sci-Fi Harry op, which looks unmistakably like Ohira, and which featured animation by Shinji Hashimoto… am I wrong in thinking that it seems pretty likely? I think I’ve been doing too much speculating for my own good lately.

Maybe the Kon/Hosoda part of that rumour was in fact for a totally different film? Apologies. I’ll make rumours off-limits from now on.

I’m actually most curious to know what the Futamura Hideki film is going to be like. I know the basic style of all the others, but him I have no idea…

02/15/05 @ 17:34
Patrick Macias
Patrick Macias [Visitor]

Just a heads up that the flier for Sachiko claims that it will be Morimoto’s “first feature length film.” Wrong or not, that’s the official word from the studio. Also, there will be a scan of the Sachiko flier, along with some artwork, in the next issue of Animerica.


02/21/05 @ 09:34
Tsuka [Visitor]

Well they made a mistake on the flyer, but that’s not very important, and perhaps they think first Morimoto film at 4°C.

Thanks for the information about Animerica :) !

02/23/05 @ 02:29