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Sunday, August 15, 2004

09:57:17 am , 369 words, 1479 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game update

Mind Game Official SiteI had a look at the Yahoo Japan reviews for Mind Game. Out of 18 who saw it in the theaters, all but two gave it 5 stars. And one of those looks like a prank (one star, "Worse than Pokemon!"). The viewer reviews (on the Beyond C BBS, the Anime Style BBS, Hatena Diary, on the web) leave no doubt that this is a film that breaks new ground for animation even if it won't break any attendance records. I haven't seen any box office statistics yet, but a few reviewers have mentioned that the seats were anything but full when they saw the film. I think the lesson being learned here is that, no matter how good a film, if you don't advertise it at least a little bit, then people won't come.

I'm a bit worried that the film might get ruined before we even get a chance to see it, since there's talk now of replacing the actors in the film with well-known American actors for the US version. Heck, why not just make a different version of the movie for every country, like they used to do in the good old days? Dubbing is one thing, but this sounds like misguided tampering to me.

The latest edition of the Madhouse Mind Game Support Group features an illustration by animator Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Gakuen Senki Muryo, Slayers, Cyber Formula).

The Motion Image Psychedelia concert at UNIT in Shibuya came to a close at 5AM on Saturday morning. Reports have it that the event offered a rare opportunity to witness producer Eiko Tanaka shaking her booty.

As added incentive for people to come out and see the film on the big screen (many reviewers emphasize that this is a film that should absolutely be seen on the big screen), Masaaki Yuasa will be presenting a talk before the last screening every Friday at Cine Quinto throughout the length of the theatrical run. Joining him for the first talk on Friday last was Seiichi Yamato, after which the two headed over to UNIT. The next talk will be with Crayon Shin-chan director Keiichi Hara, the third with Robin Nishi, the fourth with Koji Morimoto, and the fifth with Eiko Tanaka.


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