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Saturday, July 3, 2004

05:03:37 pm , 150 words, 858 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game news

Mind Game Official SiteLots of good news on the Mind Game front. The official Mind Game site has put up a "Special Contents" page where there is already an interview with Masaaki Yuasa and a great review by one "Milkman" Ito. A few other items are in the works. Seems, looking a the news page, that there are tons of magazines mentioning Mind Game already: Sabra (June 24), Cut (July), Studio Voice (July), Relax (July), Nikkei Characters (No 2), Title (July). Oh, and the official release date has been set: August 7. And the film is now going to be shown nationwide! Originally it was set to be shown only in Tokyo and Osaka.

I noticed Shinji Obara is writing both Samurai Champloo and Tweeny Witches right now. Quite a juggling act.

Today is one of those lazy days when the wind coming in from the window feels like a caress.

Japanese word of the day: 虚無


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