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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

11:14:27 am , 425 words, 811 views     Categories: Mind Game

Mind Game encore

Mind Game Official SiteGisaburo Sugii was news enough, but now this! The first day of the encore screening of Mind Game at Kichijoji's Baus Theatre on October 2 will again be preceded by a talk between Masaaki Yuasa and an invited guest. Yuasa's incredible generosity and devotion to fans in presenting a pre-screening talk every week is already special enough in itself, but this time he'll be speaking with an extra-special invited guest: Mamoru Hosoda! Taking time out of his busy schedule to make an appearance will be one of the most highly sought-after directors on the anime scene today, whose two brilliantly directed Digimon films earned him not only instant respect among his peers in the industry, but also a huge fan following across the entire audience spectrum, including world-famous post-modern artist Takashi Murakami, who invited him to direct his much-talked about recent short Superflat Monogram; to say nothing of Studio Ghibli, who invited him to direct Howl's Moving Castle. Few creators active today in anime are looked to with more anticipation than the two that will be speaking on this occasion.

Although the chances look slim at the moment, I am hoping the complete video transcripts of the various pre-screening talks that took place over the length of the run will be included as a bonus on the DVD. Various other bonus ideas that are currently beating out this idea in the polls include "Mind Game remixes" by famous artists (like the one by Koji Morimoto on the Mind Game Remixed DVD), a complete reproduction of the storyboard (which I think they should release separately as a book), Mind Game drawings by famous illustrators, an audio commentary (which I think they should include regardless), 3D music clips to be viewed with included Kami-San 3D glasses (funky idea), staff interviews, and image boards. And of course, English subs, which suddenly tops the list. If they heed all these suggestions, this DVD should be quite something. It's great to see a studio that listens to fans' voices like this!

I was looking over the "Guest Comment" section on the official Mind Game site, and realized that Keiichi Tanaami had contributed a comment. I'll be seeing one of his films at the VIFF today, so I thought that was timely. "A world away from the mannerisms of most anime. Line, space, texture - everything has a wonderfully new, collage sensibility." Here's Hosoda's comment: "The film's boundless energy is literally overwhelming. Every inch is crammed with Yuasa's brilliantly creative ideas, and yet the film remains essentially and absolutely simple and positive."


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