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Thursday, July 7, 2005

01:30:10 pm , 365 words, 2047 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game article from NYAFF

I have belatedly discovered an "interview" with Eiko Tanaka from the NYAFF screening of Mind Game, available here. (It's more like a general write-up interspersed with a few interview snippets.) Hopefully someone will conduct a nice interview with Masaaki Yuasa tomorrow evening in Montreal, at the Canadian premiere.

We've seen a lot of up-and-coming animator Tetsuya Takeuchi lately, with some impressively dense and nuanced acting animation in Koji Masunari's latest endeavor, Kamichu, which characteristically takes a fresh approach to an otherwise pedestrian concept, infusing it with new vitality, and a bit of animation at the beginning of the latest ending of Pierrot's Bleach, all coming quite soon after his impressive feat in Honey and Clover. We're beginning to get a good idea of where Takeuchi is headed as an animator, and it looks like a good direction. Now deprived of Masashi Ishihama, Masunari has found a nice new lead animator.

There's also been a few Tadashi Hiramatsu items recently. He animated the curiously erotic pre-title section of Eureka Seven 11, as well as directing the latest ep of Aim 2.

A name that brings back memories from my early days in anime, Umanosuke Iida, returns with a TV concept of his own creation at Telecom, Tide-Line Blue, a decade after what is probably his best piece, the unfortunately unfinished Space Miners, which is the first item I remember buying/translating/subbing entirely on my own. I remember struggling to find information on the elusive creator of the show, as well as struggling to figure out how to romanize his name - Forthman Lunchfield? Fothmann Ranchfield? It only goes to reason that I couldn't find anything, because it turns out Iida just made it up. He was the creator. It seemed unusual.

Supposedly next month's issue of Ntype will have a feature on Naruto 133, complete with reproductions of Norio Matsumoto's key animation and an interview with Atsushi Wakabayashi. Unusual for this magazine. There will also be what promises to be an interesting discussion between, of all people, Osamu Kobayashi and Mamoru Hosoda. There have been rumours floating around about Hosoda joining Madhouse, so this gets me to wondering. Hosoda's film comes out on DVD two weeks from now.



moop [Visitor]

I’ve made various friends watch Oira Uchuu no Tankoufu over the last year, I think they all liked it bar the er… slingshot ending. Ol’ Lunchfield seemed pretty clearly made up, but I’m curious as to where you tracked him down admitting it. Tide Line Blue doesn’t really grab me though, looking at the trailer.

07/07/05 @ 17:08
Ben [Visitor]

It’s mentioned by a reliable source at www dot style dot fm/as/02_topics/top_050705.shtml.

07/07/05 @ 19:05
Josh [Visitor]

I’m guessing that’s the Japanese Newtype, right? Otherwise I might be tempted to actually break down and buy an issue of that damn magazine if just for that interview.

07/07/05 @ 22:35
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Now that sure is one Newtype I would like to buy too. I’ll be looking for it soon.

By the way, I haven’t checked out Shinbo’s new series Pani Poni Dash yet. I wonder when he’ll do a ’serious’ series again.

07/08/05 @ 06:01
Ben [Visitor]

Yeah, it’s the Japanese one. I’ll translate it if it’s interesting enough.

I was too disgusted by the thought of Shinbo doing another moe series to check it out… I also checked out Goro Taniguchi’s new series because I liked Planetes, but apart from high production values it was ‘eh’.

07/08/05 @ 08:46
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Yeah… I guess it can’t be helped that you will have some directors who can be good, but also have certain tastes…

There’s also new opening sequences coming up for Eureka Seven and Aquarion… Hiroyuki Okuno’s SG 13 seems like he gave up trying to make the animation interesting but absolutely badly done, and focussed on correcting the faces… it was pretty good (for SG’s standards, that is) I don’t remember seeing Mori in there either.

Zettai Shounen is still as ero as ever, but it isn’t entirely *bad*… I’m surprised how the ero angles and all just fly over some non-Japanese fan’s heads.

07/08/05 @ 21:34
Ben [Visitor]

It just reminded me that what it is I liked about Planetes was the script more than the directing or the other aspects necessarily. I did sample the first ep of his Ryvius and enjoyed what he was doing there. His new thing seems very different from those two.

Thanks for continuing to slog through SG. It’s sad to see Okuno (and particularly Mori) dragged down like that.

You’re certainly right about ZS. I hate to sound like a scrooge, it’s just that making the decision to do that has fatally compromised my own willingness to trust that director.

And just what I was hoping is coming to Aquarion

07/09/05 @ 12:13
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

I’d say that Planetes is probably that good because of the manga it was based on (well, the anime did treat it well and did a good job of it, but I assume you mean the general story). Most of the staff working on that series have done other jobs that don’t seem to link up at all - Yuriko Chiba’s done pretty much cute moe stuff until now, Ichiro Okouchi has done scripts for some of the totally opposite stuff, Goro Taniguchi has done some rather meh episodes of mecha series too… well, guess it’s like Masashi Ishihama doing Eiken… mad.

SG 14 had much better animation and Okuno doing KA but I don’t remember where because I was 3/4-asleep.

I was watching Turn-A Gundam the other day and while most of the series had unfortunately clunky animation the last few eps had Kenichi Yoshida in them… Umanosuke Iida’s apparently doing the concept for Gonzo’s movie Gin iro no Kami no Agito (not about post-apocalyptic kamen riders, I’m afraid), there’s a trailer of it somewhere. Sounds a little familiar though.

07/10/05 @ 06:14
Ben [Visitor]

For some reason I had assumed that much of Planetes was original, made up for the anime version, but looking into it I see that most of it was indeed based on the manga, shuffled around. So you’re probably right. To what degree the writer had freedom I’m not sure. I suppose it’s one of those cases where things just came together. Perhaps Eiken was the reason Masashi Ishihama left JC Staff…

I haven’t watched more than the first ep of Turn A. I’d assumed that if the first ep was clunky, the rest would follow in turn. And thanks for pointing out that movie. I don’t exactly follow Gonzo’s stuff.

07/11/05 @ 01:28
Tsuka [Visitor]
07/11/05 @ 21:00
Ben [Visitor]

Thank you! Excellent. I’ll summarize shortly. Wasn’t the Osamu Kobayashi/Mamoru Hosoda interview right after this?

07/11/05 @ 22:04
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Wow! Thanks for the scans. That key animation featured says so much on its own. I wish they’d put more of the water though.

07/11/05 @ 23:22
Tsuka [Visitor]

You’re welcome ^_^ I hope somebody will be able to make bigger images (I don’t have the magazine).
Here are the interviews of Hosoda & Kobayashi :

07/12/05 @ 03:53
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

It’s big enough to read, so that should be ok (don’t tell me someone wants to make wallpapers out of them?)… I’d have tried to read it myself but it’s so much text, so heck.

I don’t follow Gonzo’s stuff either, but I think it’s their first ever movie so it was talked about more, and I mentioned it since Umanosuke Iida was being mentioned…

Now it’s probably a coincidence, but Atsushi Wakabayashi storyboarded that ep of Otogizoushi with Ohira in it. Pity he didn’t direct any of the eps

07/12/05 @ 05:11
Tsuka [Visitor]

Perhaps it’s not obvious, but I was talking about bigger pictures in order to appreciate much better the layouts/storyboards/researches of Naruto 133 in Ntype ;)

Talking about Gonzo, they’ve just made an opening for a japanese TV drama called Densha Otoko. The opening is a tribute to Daicon 4 (same music, graphic references …), designed by Okama. Not as powerful as the original, but it’s nice to see such a tribute. You can download it on Catsuka.

About Hiramatsu, Anime Style has just launched a column about him. Hope to see as many contents as for Yuasa :]

At least, a new trailer of Sugii’s Stormy Night is available.

07/12/05 @ 10:04
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Wow, thanks for that Catsuka, I’ve been looking for it. You’re always on top of these things…

In other news ep 16 of E7 will be a Sayo Yamamoto ep… but no Dai Sato I’m afraid (though he’s the overall scriptwriter). A different writer from all the eps so far will be doing it, Chiaki Konaka. He/she did some interesting stuff, I guess we’ll see how it goes…

07/13/05 @ 03:47
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Hm, and Tomonaga’s ep of Tide-Line Blue was good too.

07/16/05 @ 22:34
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

More lowbrow stuff…
Still no Utsunomiya in Aquarion. No new OP yet. However, ep 16 was pretty interesting in that there was some more fluid animation and it was one of the better eps (not far from best).
The director was Keiichi Sasajima, who turned out to be an animator for the Kill Bill anime sequence and in Mind Game as well. He also co-storyboarded ep 3 of Taniguchi’s thingamajiggy, which is sort of fun if one doesn’t take it seriously…

Eureka Seven’s new OP was headed by Yasushi Muraki. Nothing much, until the last bit. That last bit was very nice. It looked like a lot of effort went in… pity the song really, really didn’t fit.

07/20/05 @ 07:15
Ben [Visitor]

Indeed some very nice stuff in that op from Muraki and Takashi Hashimoto (loved that explosion). And again it looks like they’re following the same pattern as FMA, with Norimitsu Suzuki doing all the eds. Interesting about Sasajima. Never looked him up.

And I also quite enjoyed ep 2 of TLB. Not that I don’t have my criticisms, but it’s the only show in months I’ve felt interested enough in watching through to the end.

07/20/05 @ 20:03