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Saturday, October 23, 2004

08:40:02 pm , 38 words, 2155 views     Categories: Mind Game

Mind Game storyboard

Masaaki Yuasa has had a column on Anime Style for a few months now, and in the most recent column he posted some of the Mind Game storyboard, including a rejected shot. (panel one, panel two, panel three)



Tsuka [Visitor]

I check this Yuasa Column since a long time, and perhaps you didn’t saw that there’s was also a Mind Game storyboard-page here :)

Also video-extracts (with linetests) here :

And a lot of artworks on other pages (image boards, roughs …)

There’s also artworks for other animes like Noiseman Sound Insect or Kasumin. I use some of this pictures in the Yuasa’s area on :

10/24/04 @ 10:19
Tony Mines
Tony Mines [Visitor]

Wow STUFF! Thanks Ben and Tsuka. Though I’m going to stop spoiling myself on snacks and wait until I can see Mindgame in full, preferably in a cinema.
I have no idea what those storyboards could have meant - but any project that just tosses around ideas like those weird lolipop-head ladies is fine by me.

10/24/04 @ 14:49
Ben [Visitor]

I agree that it’s best to stay in the dark as much as possible about the film (that’s why I didn’t explain the context for this bit), but I just couldn’t resist translating it when I saw that e-konte.

Yuasa’s column is the first thing I read whenever Anime Style is updated. I knew about it, but I didn’t talk about it here because he revealed a bit too much for people who haven’t seen the film, which is most people here, presumably. So I didn’t talk about all those Mind Game pics/vids he put up. Wait two months and then look at it, that’s my recommendation.

10/24/04 @ 15:03
Tsuka [Visitor]

You’re right Ben :) … Usually I don’t like to have a lot of spoils in front of me (*hopefully* I don’t read japanese ^^ … so it’s visual spoils) but in the case of Mind Game I was too excited ^^; … I ordered Mind Game Remix this summer (even if I don’t like this kind of product, promotional dvd for sale -_- …), and there was a lot of extracts from the film …

Actually that’s the same for the Incredibles (Pixar), I’m really excited by this movie and it’s difficult to wait ^^

Few weeks ago I published photos from Mind Game exhibition (Parco) & cinema release in Japan :

(sorry, a lot of spam for my websites ^o^;;;)

PS : Ben, do you know if Anime Style (paper) magazine still exists in Japan ? I found two issues of it, but no more …

10/24/04 @ 15:33
Ben [Visitor]

Thanks for publishing those pics of the Parco exhibition. I really enjoyed those. It was wonderfully done overall, capturing the spirit of the film, offering the public a chance to see and actually touch the actual materials firsthand right after seeing the film, which a lot of people reported appreciating. And Anime Style published an interview with Parco Kinoshita recently in which he said the public reaction was better than usual for the exhibit, with lots more people (not necessary fans) than usual stopping in to browse due to the interesting presentation, with the sculptures and the wall-to-wall drawings.

If you want my opinion, the reason Mind Game didn’t do better at the box office was mainly because Studio 4°C didn’t spend enough on advertising. If they had spent as much as any of the other summer blockbusters, it could have attracted nearly as many people. Many people who saw the film say they saw it purely by chance because they strolled in front of the theater that day – otherwise they would have missed it, because they never saw any advertisements anywhere. Yuasa was expecting a lot more people to see the film, and he was extremely surprised and disappointed by the empty theaters.

Only two issues of Anime Style came out, and then Oguro started doing Web Anime Style. He’s apparently very busy with lots of other interview work - he does Animage’s Kono hito ni hanashi wo kikitai, lots of DVD material writing, the Mind Game mook, Web Anime Style, etc. - so that may be why it didn’t come out as scheduled three years ago. If it ever comes out, I vaguely remember talk about a special feature on Mitsuo Iso being in the works. (Mitsuo was a notable omission in the online interviews so far, so it would make sense if he was being kept for the paper edition.)

And I was like you… I couldn’t resist watching the Remixed DVD. I wish I hadn’t! They showed way too much from the film.

10/24/04 @ 19:42