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Thursday, September 22, 2005

10:46:17 pm , 188 words, 1149 views     Categories: Animation

Melty Lancer

Somebody was having fun drawing Kanada Yoshinori style in Melty Lancer 1. It was a very good likeness, so I thought it might be him, but he's not credited. I only realized recently that Norio Matsumoto did work in eps 1 and 6, which is why I sought this thing out in the first place. Matsumoto seems to have done a lot of crowd scenes around this time. His scene in 1 is one such scene, and showcases his knack for establishing realistic detail with just a few lines. The faces are all extremely well differentiated, showing his skill for charicature. It stands out, as suddenly all of the characters look completely different. (It's the only such respite, unfortunately.) Perhaps that's why they blurred the characters a bit. Though it doesn't move much, it's nice to be able to see the great characters he can come up with using his imagination. Coming as a surprise and a real find, there was also an excellent bit of Itano Circus by the man himself in 6 that I wasn't expecting, as well as a bit by one of his sort-of protégés, Masami Goto.


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