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Thursday, November 4, 2004

05:10:27 pm , 319 words, 1581 views     Categories: Animation, Animator


Though lacking the brash stylistic unity of Hiroyuki Imaishi's first episode, the third episode of Re: Cutey Honey was in good form, a big Gainax finale, as was expected from the fact that Masayuki was in charge. Anno co-directed, which perhaps accounts for familiar elements like the subtitles. Hiroyuki Imaishi is probably the one who did the early sequence that looks like an homage to Masayuki's early manic animation, which similarly tended to have lots of tricky movement with people flying all over the screen in strange poses (the joined feet thing comes from the similarly-inclined Yamashita Masahito), though Masayuki's work was more fluid and less limited. It's the only sequence that lived up to the level of excess I was expecting, though otherwise the film was a nicely enjoyable romp with lots of quality work.

I haven't followed Masayuki's career closely, but I know that he was an intriguing animator creating the sort of hyperactive movement that falls, chronologically and stylistically, about midway between Yoshinori Kanada and Hiroyuki Imaishi. Remember Thundercats (1985)? The opening was animated by Masayuki, and it's the best representative of his style that I know of. It's one of the few, actually. Apart from that I know little about his work as an animator. One of the more famous gigs of his early period was the 1982 TV series Sasuga no Sarutobi, for which he did highly accentuated animation in about ten episodes. Then in 1985 came Thundercats; for Honneamise in 1987 he did a lot of highly regarded work; and for Gunbuster in 1988 he animated the opening. After that he played other roles in a number of projects, though he recently returned with animation for FLCL and now this episode.

I ran across an impressive film called Hello from Kislovodsk (2000) by a person named Dmitri Geller on the OpenArt site. Recommended. I also liked Yukihiro Tsujita's films on the same site.

Studio 4°C x N*ke = ?



Owen Carson
Owen Carson [Visitor]

Morimoto’s illustration of Lebron James looked better.

“Must have interesting style when contracting Japanese artists selling to Japan, but generic Asian stereotype/theme when using such artists to sell to the USA.”

11/04/04 @ 20:31
Otaprince [Visitor]

from the Red Cross Book:

“The depiction of water is considered the most difficult of all animation work, and Masayuki served as art director of all natural depiction of water and waves.  For this reason, he was given the title of “visual water artist". ”

11/05/04 @ 11:13
Tsuka [Visitor]

Koji Morimoto made this illustration for Nike Japan few months ago. These new commercials for Nike were directed (at 4°C) by Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Koji Morimoto and Shinichiro Watanabe. More informations and links on Catsuka.

11/05/04 @ 16:09
iamNataku [Visitor]

I’m soooo glad somebody finally did a write-up regarding Masayuki-san. He was the first individual anime artist I became a fan of after his work on both Macross Plus (Character Designer) and Evangelion. (Storyboarding, Effects Animation, Promo artwork. He also animated the end credit animation.)

I’ll definitely check out the Cutey Honey OVA now that I know that he worked on it.

11/06/04 @ 01:04
Tsuka [Visitor]

Don’t forget the great work of Masayuki on Megalopolis OAV series … or on Trava Fist Planet.

11/06/04 @ 05:28
neilworms [Visitor]

Nataku, on Cutie skip out on the 2nd ep if you haven’t already, its simply terrible. The first episode was made watchable only by the sheer talent of Hiroyuki Imaishi…

The 2nd episode was done by the guy who did Kanon, which is a much more typical “magical girlfriend” kind of show.

I am hoping the third is the same way.

11/06/04 @ 18:49
neilworms [Visitor]

er the third one being the same way as the first I mean…

11/06/04 @ 18:50