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Sunday, July 10, 2005

10:37:04 pm , 32 words, 1443 views     Categories: Mind Game

Masaaki Yuasa interview from Montreal

All right, here's the first one. The Montreal Mirror interviews Masaaki Yuasa in their writeup of the first week of the Montreal Fantasia film festival, which gives top billing to Mind Game.



Jericho [Visitor]

Is it possible that this thing could make its way Westward? I’m trying to contact the Program manager for the Calgary International Film Festival to see what kind of movies they have in their program, maybe urge Mindgame onto their list. I very much want to see this thing for the first time on the big screen. Maybe they might consider it if they are enlightened enough or if they are endowned budget wise with their selections. Last year for their animation features the CIFF presented some really belated disney movies that didn’t need to be seeing, so I think Mindgame would be a essential film to add.

07/11/05 @ 18:16
Ben [Visitor]

Interesting how West-challenged the showings have been so far. I’m hoping that by this time the exposure of two major North American premières will have brought the film to the attention of at least the Vancouver International Film Festival, but some strategic probing of the waters could only help. I’m not sure of the scale of the Calgary IFF, but between the two the chances of a showing at at least one seem pretty good. I’m with you about wanting to see it up on the big screen, even though I’ve already seen it several times.

07/11/05 @ 19:15