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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

05:26:13 pm , 253 words, 4397 views     Categories: Kemonozume, TV, Director: Masaaki Yuasa

Kemonozume on DVD 6/22

It's been more than three months since Kemonozume ended, and for a while I was hearing that there were no plans to release a DVD. I sort of dismissed that, because I couldn't conceive of any major anime TV series not coming out on DVD eventually, much less one of the level of Kemonozume. It seems a date has finally been set for the DVD release. In a happy coincidence, it will be coming out on my birthday, June 22. I couldn't imagine a better birthday present, so thank you in advance! I'm just happy that it will finally be possible for me to put my money where my mouth is and directly support the people who created a show that gave me such pleasure. It will be coming out as a single box set loaded with extras, including an audio commentary, booklet and soundtrack. I personally would love for them to reproduce a selection of the keys for the amazing animation that graced this show (ideally with time sheets). I remember Satelight generously did this for the Noein DVDs. The interesting thing with Kemonozume was how each animator had such a radically different and individual approach - compare Masaaki Yuasa to Satoru Utsunomiya to Hisashi Mori to Hiroyuki Aoyama to Choi Eunyoung - so I think seeing the blueprint for their animation side by side would be not only incredibly stimulating, but also instructive about the richness and variety of the animation, which is one of the things that made Kemonozume so unique.



William Massie
William Massie [Visitor]

Wow, that sounds great. Kemonozume really was a very very interesting piece, hope Yuasa gets more work soon. I REALLY hope that Mind Game gets released in America sometime. I managed to see it in my anime club at college and it was the most interesting animated film I heard in a LONG time.

I apologize for going off topic Mr. E, but I was looking at one of the listings for the Karisuma Animators, specifically Nishio. I remember his and a few others work on Yuyu Hakusho (it REAAALLLY caught me off guard!!) Do you know if he worked on any versions of the shows opening (like he did with Ninku)?
I ask because theres been a couple of sakuga centric clips show up on Youtube. The one with Nishio has all the works I know him for (as well as ones you list) except for the opening.

02/28/07 @ 21:12
Ben [Member]  

Apparently he did the last three shots of the second opening, but you wouldn’t know from looking at it… his style seems to really start showing up only after he did Hakkenden in 1993, with Ninku.

02/28/07 @ 21:54
William Massie
William Massie [Visitor]

good eye, thanks. You’re right, his Yuyu stuff (while very entertaining) was more exaggerated and yet somewhat more generic by comparison at the same time. Was still a great surprise when I watched it though, just like Matsumoto’s work on Naruto. I haven’t seen the Hakkenden but his careful weighty movement really shows in Ninku (the marionette bit was great).

02/28/07 @ 22:50
enrico Casarosa
enrico Casarosa [Visitor]

Great news!!! Kemonozume has to be owned … these creators supported! Can’t wait.


02/28/07 @ 23:10
andrew osmond
andrew osmond [Visitor]

Many apologies for intruding; I’m a British animation journalist who wanted to send a private message to Mr Ettinger, but I can’t use the ‘contact AniPages’ link - I always get a demand for my Micrsoft Passport name and Password, but when I input them they’re not acccepted. Is there another way to send a message? (My own email is ) Sorry again, and thanks in advance.

03/01/07 @ 05:29
Tim [Visitor]

WOO! can’t wait to own this, enjoy it and study every frame.

Such a brilliant series! Thanks for making my day with that news.

03/01/07 @ 06:30
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Awesome! That’s perfect timing, it’s just two days from my own birthday .
This is definietly one thing I would like to show my support for, and hopefully we’ll see this sort of show continue to be produced.

…Now the biggest problem is that any imported video will have to go through the local (and terribly stringent) censors. I’m really afraid that they’ll end up cutting this.

03/02/07 @ 00:52
Ben [Member]  

You mean customs? Hrm, that’s a pain. I hope they don’t cause you any grief. I’d be surprised, tho. What questionable material there is is brief and not that bad.

03/04/07 @ 13:10
NeoTokyoLabyrinth [Visitor]

Do you know if the DVD’s will have english subs, I desperately want to see this but know hardly any Japanese.

03/07/07 @ 13:12
Ben [Member]  

I kind of doubt it, but if we let them know we’d like subs who knows what might happen… I have the uncanny feeling nobody is going to have the guts to release this over here.

03/07/07 @ 17:05
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Ah well. I do hope that if I manage to order it, they won’t decide to do anything to it. This is Singapore after all, not the most liberal of countries… and I’ve heard of stuff like Ghost in the Shell get cut here and there so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

By the way, I thought I’d just mention that I get some sort of error when I try to post a new topic at the forums. I think it’s a database error. I just wanted to paste a link to this extremely handy sakuga wiki, and a consolidated (?) and updated list of all those sakuga videos on Youtube. It would be awesome if an English version could be created, but I wonder who has the skill and the time to set up one…

03/08/07 @ 06:26
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Seems like link entering still doesn’t work. Er, the sakuga wiki I meant was and the list of Youtube things was here:

I figure you’ve probably seen them though, but if it’s of use to anyone else reading these comments…

03/08/07 @ 06:45
Ben [Member]  

Thanks for bringing that error to my attention. God knows how long that’s been that way and I didn’t know about it. It’s fixed now.

You’re merely importing a Japanese DVD and not attempting to release it on DVD in Singapore, so I’d assume the censors wouldn’t be involved. Anyway, good luck.

Sorry about that link thing. Still no idea how to fix it. Yeah, I’ve seen that page…

03/08/07 @ 10:54
giz [Visitor]  

Can you get the soundtrack CD separate from the DVD set? I really love the music, but I’m not sure I would buy the whole series on DVD…

07/10/08 @ 23:27
Ben [Member]  

Unfortunately I don’t think the soundtrack has been released separately.

07/13/08 @ 22:28
Heero [Visitor]  

Has anybody got the soundtrack and willing to pass it on to me??? PLEASE!

09/19/11 @ 14:43
degeso [Visitor]  

Hi guys
I’m also franticly looking for the kemonozume soundtrack on the internet! There wasn’t even a place where I could have bought it. I’ve found the OP and ED albums but the OST is nowhere to be seen… If anyone has it, plsss tell me where to find it. Would be so thankful :)

08/05/13 @ 08:33