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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

06:32:11 pm , 125 words, 2908 views     Categories: Misc


I was sitting by Pitt River today broiling reading Shimao when I decided on my next translation: 月暈. I still haven't figured out how to translate this strange but wonderful title. The story is no less head-scratching. How am I going to translate something I can't even visualize? It'll be a good challenge.

After sitting by the river for an hour I was driven by the heat to seek the shade in Minnekhada Park, where voracious biting flies drove me crazy and home. Could hear blasting in the distance where urban sprawl is elaborating its ineluctable course. Girls everywhere are wearing hotpants, and it's hard not to stare. I'm still hobbling from my torture session on the mountain two days ago.

Japanese word of the day: 挫折


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