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Saturday, March 5, 2011

10:32:25 am , 300 words, 2257 views     Categories: Animation, Misc, Indie

Interviewing the indies

Stefan Nutz is currently engaged in a very interesting one-man project. He is going around interviewing Japan's indie animators on video for the purpose of eventually putting together a documentary about Japanese indie animation.

You can see the progress of his project, and perhaps provide him support and ideas for questions, on his web page at:

Stefan is based in Austria, and has been dealing with Japanese film for about a decade now in his capacity as a director, editor and sometimes DP for the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Agency). He is hoping to put together a 60 minute documentary possibly to be supplemented with 30 minutes of animation highlighting the work of the creators he interviewed.

Stefan's purview is not limited to indies, however, as witness the latest post on his blog, in which he reveals that he will be visiting Studio 4C later this month. Great news. Studio 4C is not just the studio we all love. They act as something of a missing link between the industry and the indie scene, working within the industry but with the mentality of independence of an indie. I wouldn't have thought to include them in a documentary about indie animation in Japan, but let's face it, they've produced some of the most creative and appealing animation in Japan, and this is one of the few times they'll have been covered for a foreign audience, so it's a great idea to balance out the project and shed light on the various facets of 'being indie' in Japan.

The image above shows Naoyuki Niiya, director of the old classic indie film Squid Festival that I wrote about in 2005, whom Stefan has interviewed already. Also interviewed will be Hiroshi Harada (Midori), Keita Kurosaka (Midori-ko), Mirai Mizue, Tomoyasu Murata and Atsushi Wada, among others.



Bahi JD
Bahi JD [Visitor]  

I’ve heard about that one week ago.
He is also Austrian.
Very interesting project!

03/06/11 @ 07:50
Grant [Visitor]  

Very cool! What kind of release or distribution plans does he have for this?

Would such a treat to learn more about this part of the japanese animation industry.

03/06/11 @ 15:35
h_park [Member]


Maybe this link might answer some of your curiosity.

I read your blog post on Gainax visit to Pixar. It’s so nice to have cultural exchange to inspire each other. It’s been known that Pixar is big on Ghibli, but Gainax? I hope other Japanese studios visit Pixar for more exchanges.

03/07/11 @ 01:12
Ben [Member]  


What he told me is he’s planning “a package deal for festivals and TV stations” consisting of a “60 minute doc and 30 minute animation part afterwards".

03/08/11 @ 10:44
Stefan [Visitor]  

hi there,

thanks for your comments!
Regarding distribution:
No plans yet. Making the film comes first, then I need to see further how to distribute it.



03/10/11 @ 06:42