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Friday, August 27, 2004

08:25:38 pm , 181 words, 2808 views     Categories: Animation

Hosoda satori

It dawned on me reading an article by this person what it is about Hosoda's directing that made it seem so "humane" to me: food. In all three of his Digimon pieces Hosoda goes out of his way at various points to incorporate scenes of eating or drinking - and what inevitably follows - even when there is no dramatic necessesity for doing so. There are dozens of food-related references throughout the films, and something to do with food is going on in the background a large proportion of the time. What is more beautiful and disgusting and pleasurable and human than eating? It's a deceptively simple idea, but it's amazing how much it helps to build empathy for the characters.

Nothing much else to say today, so here's an entry from my diary:

June 13, 1AM.

Bought some milk at a convenience store today. Guy at the register jokes to the guy in front of me, "You look strong, you don't need a bag." Guy leaves, I walk up, guy at the counter says, "I'll get you a bag for that."


1 comment

TenAJs [Visitor]

Hey there, Ben. Sorry, but this comment is completely not related to your blog entry. I was visiting the Vancouver Film Festival site and noticed that it’ll be showing alternative anime shorts!

IMAGINATION PRACTICE (Various Directors) International Premiere
A selection of seven “alternative animé” shorts from Japan’s indie sector, ranging in style from Tsuji Naoyuki’s A Feather Stare in the Dark (line animation; the sex of angels) to Onitsuka Kentaro’s Blooming Ink Tale (pixilation; a vignette from the war between men and women). Wonderfully imaginative work.

Apart from information gathered by Google, might you know of more details behind these titles and animators?

08/28/04 @ 16:00