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Sunday, August 1, 2004

05:19:34 pm , 312 words, 1899 views     Categories: Animation, Indie, Movie



Honey: A short film by Evan Cagle

Today I have the pleasure of being able to bring your attention to a remarkable new independent animation project. Honey, the debut creation of Austin-based independent animator Evan Cagle, announces itself as one of the most distinguished fruits to come to bear from the cultural cross-pollination that is the west's ongoing love-affair with that nebulous and enigmatic thing we call anime.

Not here the litany of clichés that more often than not defined the stillborn assays of other western fans, but rather a thoroughly original creation informed by a compelling and well-defined vision that immediately convinces. Nor is it a corporate co-opting of a profitable fad, but an individual labor of love borne of inner necessity; a moving personal tribute to the artistic creation of another culture.

I can't help but be reminded of a certain man who planted trees as I contemplate the vast labor embodied by the film in its present state. Simply consider that one person worked for several years in total obscurity to produce the images you see in the trailer (which is only a fraction of the extant material). Every background; every drawing; everything was done by one person. The final product successfully combines 3D animation with designs that look and feel hand-drawn to produce evocative, moody visuals that are quite pleasurable, and leave one looking forward to the full story.

Honey is an independent production; the work of one person. But there is only so much one person can do, in terms of effort and in terms of financial self-sacrifice, no matter how dedicated. Which is why a studio has been formed, and they are now looking for animators to help complete the film. So hop on over to the newly-created web site and have a look at the impressive trailer, and then help spread word about this film by telling your friends about it.


1 comment

Shane Briggs
Shane Briggs [Visitor]

Damn, this has come a helluva long way since the Mojo’s days. Good show, Evan. Bravo!

P.S. - When ya gonna finish the Heaven piece?

08/10/06 @ 23:44