Initially daily but now sporadic blog about anime and world animation with a specific focus on the artists behind the work. Written by Ben Ettinger.
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‹ Thursday, December 23, 2010 ›

11:43:28 pm , 128 words, 3936 views     Categories: Misc

Holiday greets

Happy Festivus!

Thank you all for reading for another year. Here's wishing all of you out there the best in 2011.

"What do you want to see in anime?" was maybe my favorite post this year. It was fascinating hearing so many varied dreams and hopes about anime - proof that anime fans aren't monolithic.

I doubt I'd still be blogging after 6 years if it weren't for all the stimulating feedback I receive, so a sincere thanks to all of you for being there.

As usual, I don't have a goal with this blog. I write about whatever fascinates me at the moment. Luckily the ocean of anime is vast. There is much that remains to be explored. I'll keep shining an eclectic light on things here and there.



Bahi JD
Bahi JD [Visitor]  

Thanks Ben!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Have a nice holiday ( ^_^)b

best regards,
Bahi JD

12/24/10 @ 06:20
Régis [Visitor]  

Festivus for the rest of us!


12/24/10 @ 19:14
Smashingtofu [Visitor]  

Happy holidays!

12/24/10 @ 21:20
LainEverliving [Visitor]  

Happy Holidays! And thanks for continuing to make this blog interesting. Here’s to another good year!

12/24/10 @ 22:24
huw_m [Member]

Another year of great posts. We’ll keep reading whatever you write about, be it anime or film or the avant-garde pipe-cleaner sculpture scene.

Looking forward to another year of your wandering interests written up in your usual articulate style.

Happy Holidays Ben!

12/25/10 @ 02:25
h_park [Member]

Happy Holidays!

It’s been 6 years already? One of these days, all of us have to get together in person. Your blog has been eye-opener for all of us. I hope more and more people discover your blog next year.

12/25/10 @ 03:52
Timothy Merks
Timothy Merks [Visitor]  

Thanks for writing such a great blog! all the best for the new year

12/25/10 @ 19:18
Anonymous [Visitor]  

Your blog is a treasure trove. I’ve only been reading for a few months and it has quickly became my favourite blog.

Thanks for all of your work!

12/26/10 @ 16:20
Eddie [Visitor]  

Happy New Year ! :)
Many thanks for a great blog, and here’s for many more years of AniPages !

12/31/10 @ 13:36