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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

05:20:30 pm , 196 words, 1105 views     Categories: Animation


I had a look at Square of the Moon today because I heard Hisashi Mori-- I mean, Hisashi Nakayama was involved in 2. Ecchi anime doesn't usually do the trick for me, unfortunately, but this one did, though in a different sense. It was pure Nakayama, and one of the longest sections I've seen from him after Samurai 7 7. The series was directed by Hiroyuki Okuno, so I should have suspected he might be in there. The two have been involved in the same projects for more than a decade now.

After his involvement in the Digimon movies his personal style seems to quickly become more and more pronounced and foregrounded, as if he had undergone some kind of eureka moment and realized his calling, and we begin to see the incredibly beautiful approach to line and form that characterizes every single piece he has done since then. His piece in Square is one of the earliest, best and most extended pieces of this mature period, so it was thrilling to discover it, as I wasn't aware of its existence. It made up a bit for not having seen any major animation work from him in Speed Grapher.



Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Apologies if I sound a bit stupid, but you *have* watched episode 22 of Speed Grapher, right… I know you watched the last episode(s) - 23 and 24, but the really good stuff was in 22.

11/18/05 @ 00:08
Ben [Visitor]

Sure I watched it. This is the ep that had the most stuff that looked like it could have been drawn by Mori, even though he wasn’t credited.

It’s interesting to have watched Square of the Moon because it feels similar to Speed Grapher in many respects, just with explicit parts. Felt like kind of a warm-up for Speed Grapher.

11/18/05 @ 09:37
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

I particularly remember the bit where Suitengu was hugging his sister and the lines were moving all the time. It must’ve taken a lot of drawings I guess…

And you might be interested that Tetsuya Takeuchi’s debuting - if I’m not wrong it’s a debut - in character design for Yomigaeru Sora, a new series by J.C. Staff. Takashi Hashimoto’s going to be doing mecha design as you can see there… If they can get in good animators it might turn out better animated than the usual J.C. Stuff.

11/19/05 @ 19:34
Ben [Visitor]

Yes, that was my favorite part in the ep. Wonderful feeling in those lines. Some of the effects a little later also seemed Mori-ish.

I’ll definitely cross my fingers about Yomigaeru Sora. It’s great to see such great animators working together on something so unexpected. (Though under my breath I’ll mutter that I hope it’s just a one-time thing and that they get back to animating soon…)

11/20/05 @ 16:55