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Friday, June 11, 2004

11:36:39 am , 97 words, 790 views     Categories: Animation


I guess the reason I was only middling happy with the Hata Firebird episode was because I've always had this nagging feeling that he's always had it in him to be making stuff just as good as Goku, and if he had he'd be famous by now, but for whatever reason he just never has. Just check out this episode of Tamagocchi, the mini-mini-series he did a few years ago. The wry humor, the warm mood, the perfect pacing of the gags -- this is what Hata excels at, and he should have done more of it.



alejo [Visitor]

this is brilliant!
where id you get it? i had a look around the web and some p2p but couldn’t find anything

08/29/06 @ 06:32
Ben [Member]  

I ripped it from a VHS tape I bought from Japan that contained ten episodes from the series. If I can figure out how to do it again after all this time, maybe I’ll put up a few more…

08/29/06 @ 08:51
alejo [Visitor]

that would be great! Thanks a lot =)

08/30/06 @ 09:13