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Friday, March 4, 2011

06:20:29 pm , 119 words, 3327 views     Categories: Animation, Misc

Gainax visits Pixar

Pixar artist Grant Alexander just posted a great account of a visit that some Gainax staff recently paid to Pixar in California: Gainax at Pixar. He got to meet with none other than the great Sushio, one of my favorite animators at Gainax right now, among several other people who worked on Panty & Stocking. I can't think of two animation cultures more different, but I know the staff at Pixar are great people who are open to the influence of anime, Miyazaki and beyond, so perhaps it's not so surprising after all. It's great to see interaction between great studios across the divide, to see that creators with different working styles can still respect and admire each other.



William Massie
William Massie [Visitor]  

Wow, super cool,

I bet those guys needed a break after work on PS and G (which I loved btw).

U keeping track of any winter shows Ben?

It’s been a while, the winter is always a lean time for sun and anime so I was roughing it for a while as far as currently running shows.

I relented and tried two of em, Puella Magi Madoka Magika and Yumekui Merry.

Merry I tried just cause I really admire Yamauchi’s directorial style (plus it looked like it had a choice J.C. Staff crew), didn’t really do anything for me concept wise I am afraid.

However, Puella Magi is really something, it’s a Shinbo joint. It drops the mahou shojo genre into a vat of cynicsm and despair and dresses it up with wild psychedelic imagery. Not since Utena has there been such messing around with the genre.

If you can stomach it’s basic trappings, it’s at least visually stimulating as a kinda destruction of mahou shojou genre. Doesn’t really get down and dirty till ep 3 though.

Like Kawamori described his work Macross Plus, “A serious story with a silly plot".

03/05/11 @ 08:50
Bahi JD
Bahi JD [Visitor]  

Akemi Haashi also posted some stuff on her blog.

03/05/11 @ 10:16
h_park [Member]

Whoa, I never expected Gainax to visit Pixar. I guess Pixar and Gainax’s love for animation medium transcends creative difference.

I never realized that there are all kinds people in Pixar. So I guess not everyone is Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki nuts.

03/06/11 @ 02:55
Ben [Member]  

Hey William,

Thanks for the recs as usual!

I’m not actually following anything right now, kind of disgusted by most everything airing. For once I can’t bring myself to endure the stuff that I can usually endure to enjoy the good parts. Like I know there’s some good things on Magica but I never watched past episode 1. Even Yumekui Merry I never got around to watching past episode 1 even though I blogged about it. I watched Fractale 1 and hated it. I hated it even more after watching Ryotaro Makihara and Nobutake Ito, whom I usually love, work on this demeaning material in episode 7 and turn in lackluster results. That’s what I feel about anime these days: that it takes people of talent and turns them into sludge.

Cynical as I’ve become, I’m still happy to try new shows if there’s anything worth a look. I actually enjoyed the first episode of Otona Joshi no Anime Time of all things, even though it’s not well animated and I’m not an Otona Joshi.

03/08/11 @ 10:55