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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

06:43:06 pm , 145 words, 1333 views     Categories: Misc

Freeters of the world, unite!

Today I discovered that I'm a freeter.

What's a freeter? That was my first question, too.

According to this page:

"Freeter", a term coined by the Japanese by combining the English word "free" and the German word Arbeiter, is defined as "people with college diplomas who engage in menial employment". They seek a free lifestyle and consider leading a carefree life to be more important than their careers - yet they are not necessarily happy about their financial future.

In my case there is a contradiction between the basic idea of having gone freelance as a means of motivating myself to pursue other, more fulfilling activities, and the reality that I've wound up not pursuing either work or other activities due to the ease with which one can simply fall back on being satisfied with "just getting by". Of course, everyone has their particular issues...



Amamiya [Visitor]

I disagree with a nuance of their definition because they regard freeters as being “voluntary” motivated to be free. I would say that they are more or less (involuntarily) discouraged being involved in “Syakai-jin’s life.”

In my interpretation, it’s hard to judge if you are a freeter, but it’s very easy judge if you (and I) are a dame-ningen/Kimo-Ota (LoL).

09/09/04 @ 21:34
Amamiya [Visitor]

Ouch! I did not check the grammer and spelling.. (damepo)

09/09/04 @ 21:35
Ben [Visitor]

Well, their definition is probably right for certain people, but you’re right that it’s probably not for me, because there’s a major element of involuntariness in my current lifestyle. I realized that at the time I posted that. I just didn’t want to get into any unpleasantly sordid detail. If personal circumstances were different I probably wouldn’t be freelance at all. I’m definitely more of a dame-ningen than a freeter.

09/09/04 @ 22:47