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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

03:45:30 pm , 269 words, 1439 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Fixed Mind Game trailer / Ghibli x Yomiuri

Mind Game Official SiteFirst off, here is a working version of the Mind Game trailer. The one on the official web site is all crappy.

Nishi: Am I dead?


Browsing Google, it looks like the trailer is finally getting people's attention. All right! Mind Game is without a doubt going to be an epoch-making film for anime, probably the defining moment for the next generation of anime films. The problem is, especially here in the west, that casual viewers may be turned off at first by the strange imagery, and might miss a great film that they'd otherwise love just for something so petty. Yes, it will be an artistic, bizarre, thought-provoking and disturbing film - but also a spectacularly entertaining feel-good summer blockbuster that everyone, anime fan or no, will enjoy if we can just convince them to watch it! So let's us fans try to spread the word to get as many people to see this important film as possible to make it the success it deserves to be!

I'm a little late, but I noticed Ghibli had a Yomiuri Shimbun advertisement airing in April. Just a guess, but it sure as heck looks a helluvalot like Osamu Tanabe animated the thing! Lovin it! My favorite animators are taking over Ghibli! There is some justice in the world.

If it is Tanabe, then this commercial comes as a followup to the Umacha commercial he did in 2001, shortly after the release of My Neighbors the Yamadas. (For the uninitiated, Osamu Tanabe is the wonderful animator who directed and storyboarded the second half of Yamadas; for more info, see filmography.)


1 comment

Hakki [Visitor]

Aww, its a shame the link to the commercial isn’t working. Could you fix it please?

12/07/05 @ 20:53