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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

09:11:04 pm , 34 words, 1221 views     Categories: Animation


The next episode of Digital Stadium on Saturday will be curated by Koji Morimoto with surprise guest Masaaki Yuasa. Too bad there's no way of seeing it over here. Sounds like a killer episode.



Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Sorry to bother - this has absolutely nothing to do wit your last few entries, but I’d just ilke to ask, do you know anything/have any opinions on the animation studio Kyoto Animation… They recently put out a new show which I watched, and had visuals (animation, backgrounds, special effects) that I was highly impressed by. They’ve also had a good track record in quality of production according to people who’ve watched their previous shows…

01/19/05 @ 22:36
Ben [Visitor]

I’m not very familiar with their past work either, but I’ve seen ep 1 of Air and I agree, it’s a cut above everything else that came out recently. The animation felt different from most anime - fuller, more detail in the little movements, animation playing a major role in the storytelling. Personally it wasn’t enough for me, but Japanese fans are big about Kyoto Animation, and I can understand why. Strangely enough, Gisaburo Sugii apparently praised the show in a recent issue of Animage. I think they were mostly subcontract until recently, and in the last few years they just started with their own productions. They’re unique as a sort of outsider far from the nexus of anime studios in Tokyo, and from what I understand, they handle all of the production themselves without outsourcing, as most studios do. Madhouse followed this pattern - started as a subcontractor, then made their own productions, and finally in turn themselves started outsourcing. Right now Kyoto is at the middle stage. It’s surprising, but they’ve already been around for 20 years. I myself wasn’t familiar with them, because I don’t tend to pay much attention to the end of the inbetween credits, but they’ve apparently had a good name for their subcontract work long before they started making their own anime. There’s kind of a youthful enthusiasm in their stuff.

01/20/05 @ 00:47