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Thursday, August 10, 2006

09:49:04 am , 166 words, 1219 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil site update


The site for Iso Mitsuo's Denno Coil ( has been updated with a new visual and some info on the basic setup. The date is 202X. Sixth grader Yasako Okonogi(?) moves to the idyllic town of Daikoku with her parents and sister, but in the shadow of the venerable town's old temples and shrines, Daikoku is also home to a special administrative district equipped with cutting edge computer facilities... The project is finally confirmed to be a TV series, as I suspected. The picture is again labelled in a way that suggests it dates from April 30, 2000, which if true would underline that the project has been in the works for many years now. The novel version, written by Yuko Miyamura, is to be published this fall. They still mention that they are recruiting staff, but in fact they are now only recruiting seisaku shinko or animation runners. If only I were in Japan...

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Muffin [Visitor]

I like the new image with the girl underwater(?).

So, it did turn out to be a TV series. There was a part of me wishing it would be a movie. But no matter.

08/10/06 @ 12:47
Ben [Member]  

I’m loving that new pic. It just has that great Iso ’sheen’ to it. Gets the imagination running too - she’s expelling bubbles as if underwater, yet there’s like a waterline at her feet. And those fish… Can’t wait to see what Iso’s going to come up with for us!

An amusing little touch: the sign in that window says “Yoga".

08/10/06 @ 19:57
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Thanks for the heads up, I’m really looking forward to this.
I love that picture too! It really is very interesting - how gravity’s upturned and she’s “under"water all the way up til her ankles.

It’s extremely good to know they’re making progress with production. But then again, it’s THE Mitsuo Iso… I’m sure lots of animators volunteered to help out.

It would be extremely interesting if you volunteered as an animation runner, though! Never heard of a foreigner doing that sort of job in Japan… it’s an excellent way to get to meet up with various staff from all sorts of sections. Especially if you travel to various independent animators’ places to collect their work (if they’re working from home). I wonder if Ohira mails his work to Tokyo since he apparently lives outside of it.

08/11/06 @ 00:51
Ben [Member]  

Exactly! That was the idea. What better way to get a close-up peek into how a new series by one of my favorite creators is being made and probably get to interact with many of the best animators in Japan AND see their work up close in the raw as it’s being made than to work as a runner on the show. Heck, it’d be almost a dream come true. Unfortunately, Ohira lives in Kyoto, so he probably mails his stuff in. It’s probably a naive and idealized view of the job, and I doubt they’d let a gaijin do it, but it’s just fun to fantasize about the possibilities.

But yeah, I was feeling a little reassurred to see that they were now only looking for animation runners. I’m guessing production must be going pretty well by now.

08/11/06 @ 08:31
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

It’s exciting to think about it, certainly… Animation runners seem to be in the best position to find out all the various idiosyncracies and problems and interesting things that happen during production. I like to entertain myself with the idea that animation runners sometimes exchange juicy news and interesting anecdotes over BBSes and watercoolers (or the equivalent…) during their idle time.

Speaking of seisaku shinkou, wasn’t Atsuko Ishizuka one? I wonder what she’s been doing lately. I just thoguht of it because I just got to watch her very nice Tsuki no Waltz video.

08/11/06 @ 22:08
Ben [Member]  

I don’t remember exactly what the post was that Atsuko Ishizuka assumed when she entered Madhouse, but it wasn’t seisaku shinko. I think it may have been seisaku desk or something of that ilk. She wasn’t a runner. Also, I think she’s since made a new music video, which I’m dying to be able to see.

08/11/06 @ 22:51
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

I don’t know how I missed it the last time, but Tadashi Hiramatsu’s HP says he’ll be directing and storyboarding ep 10 of Dennou Coil.

I wonder if this is the first time an actual TV show is being produced (at least animation-wise) so much through connections, to the point of having to publicly advertise animators and runners specifically for that show.

08/19/06 @ 23:57