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Monday, October 23, 2006

08:05:11 pm , 579 words, 1400 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil news

Here is a brief roundup of the little bits of news and rumours that have thus far managed to float through the cracks in the secretive aura that veils this project since it was officially announced more than half a year ago. Very little has been announced since then, which has led to much eager speculation. The most significant item of legitimate news came recently when Tokuma Shoten posted an ad in their magazine Animage outlining the scale of their ambition with the series -- Tokuma Shoten, of course, being the publisher of the seminal anime magazine Animage, which published Nausicaa, parent of Studio Ghibli, and otherwise one of the biggest corporate guns in the industry. After subsidizing the film version of Nausicaa in 1984, they then helped found Studio Ghibli, and funded a number of other films in the coming years including 1985's Angel's Egg. Denno Coil marks their first foray onto television. With the recent split from Ghibli, Denno Coil could be interpreted as the project that comes to fill in the gap left by Ghibli.

Adding to the already big enough news of Tokuma Shoten's involvement is a new piece of information in this ad that raises the stakes even higher: The series will be broadcast on NHK. I have doubts that this actually means "NHK", as in the terrestrial station. It seems more likely that they mean their satellite station, BS2, which is where most of their anime is broadcast. If they truly mean the terrestrial station, that would be unprecedented, and would mean a huge viewership. NHK has a long history of involvement in significant TV anime projects dating back thirty years to the likes of Future Boy Conan and Nadia and more recently Planetes. In short, the two entities that, separately, gave Miyazaki the opportunity to create his two very first personal creations, are now coming together to allow Mitsuo Iso to do the same. I knew to expect something remarkable from Iso's debut, regardless of who else was involved, but the fact that the hitherto parent of Ghibli, Japan's public broadcaster and Bandai Visual have teamed up to back the project annihilates worries about the show not getting the production backing it deserves. Giving credence to this are rumours I've been hearing that, very unusually for an anime TV series, the first season is almost completed already, even though an official broadcast date hasn't even been mentioned yet. (though at this rate next year seems pretty likely) That suggests they had a nice, long production schedule, and won't have to rush anything to meet a broadcast.

Rumours of staff involvement have been all over the place. Since the beginning I assumed that many of the people behind the quality of the big anime films of the last decade like Takeshi Honda and Toshiyuki Inoue would be involved. Takeshi Honda is rumoured to be the character designer. Tadashi Hiramatsu has posted on his home page that he storyboarded/directed episode 10. It can be assumed that Kazuto Nakazawa will probably be involved, considering the praise he received from Iso for his work on Childhood's End. A freelance animator named Igajiro, who is now working on Chevalier, reports on his home page that he did a little work on the show, to which end he visited the production floor, where he got to meet Inoue - confirming that the original karisuma animator is indeed involved.

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Manuloz [Visitor]

Here is a new picture comming from the last Animaje (thx to 2chan)

01/06/07 @ 08:45
Manuloz [Visitor]

Part of the animation staff is on the website. Takeshi Honda is there… i can’t read the rest.

Tadashi Hiramatsu is boarding the OP.

01/12/07 @ 10:49
Random person
Random person [Visitor]

It says:

Original work - Script - Director: Mitsuo Iso

Animation character (design?) - Takeshi Honda (Prolly cos Iso came up with the original designs, and Honda drew the final models for animation use)

Sakuga chief - Toshiyuki Inoue / Takeshi Honda
This is unusual. Sakuga chief is a credit I’ve never seen before - perhaps they are really trying out a new method of animation production here; something I’d expect from Iso..

Animation directors - I don’t know most of those names, I can only recognize Honda and Inoue.

Storyboard/Episode directors - Kazuya Murata, Akitoshi Yokoyama (IIRC, he did some good work in Kemonozume), Shinsaku Sasaki, Tadashi Hiramatsu, somebody I don’t know, and Kazuya Nomura.

But it’s been so long since I’ve seen Inoue, I’m really looking forward to this now.

01/12/07 @ 23:11
Manuloz [Visitor]

Thx ! Looks promising can’t wait for the april season anime to start ^^

I looked for the rest of the staff with some help :

Animation Directors :

Ei Inoue (AD : The Cat Return)
Ayako Hata (KA : The Cat Return, Tokikake)
Kiyotaka Oshiyama (KA : Eremental Gerad)
Yoshimi Itatsu (KA : Paranoia Agent, Beck)

01/13/07 @ 05:20