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Thursday, March 22, 2007

05:00:07 pm , 93 words, 1374 views     Categories: Animation, Misc, Denno Coil, TV

May 12: Denno Coil day

Reports of the promo bode well. More importantly, the date was just announced for the start of the broadcast: May 12.

In other news, Norio Matsumoto was in Angelique 11 for some reason. Koji Yamamura's Country Doctor is reportedly going to be distributed in theaters in Japan by a big distributor, Shochiku, a first for his films. The film sounds quite intriguing. Yamamura expressed the inner turmoil of the characters by bending and twisting their forms. Not that his films are ever anything short of thrilling as animation, but the animation here sounds particularly exciting.



Tsuka [Visitor]

Denno Coil opening (screener)

03/23/07 @ 10:56
Ben [Member]  

The temptation is great, but now I’ve definitely decided. I’m not going to watch it. I’m waiting until the broadcast.

03/23/07 @ 11:19
William Massie
William Massie [Visitor]

I had to sneak a peek, but I’ve avoided any semblance of a plot outline or interview for maximum entertainment.

Btw Mr. E I made a comment and question on an older post on TOmonori Kogawa and TOmino

“Wonderful post here, Kogawa’s stuff is very well designed. I don’t know what you think of Yasuhiko Yoshikazu’s stuff, but they are just a few of the designers that produced interesting idosyncratic characters back then IMHO (cant forget Akino Sugino’s adaptions though).
I noticed you had a grudging admiration of sorts of Tomino, i like his stuff although before I read your blog outlining his finer traits really the only thing that stuck out about him to me was the material that he work on (tragic, mature robot stories).
Btw, what is it exactly that you dislike about most subsequent anime (besides the over reliance on manga for source material). “

03/26/07 @ 10:12
h_park [Member]

So Koji Yamamura is going to release new theatrical feature? Awesome. It’s been a while since I enjoyed “Mt. Head".

03/27/07 @ 00:28
NeoTokyoLabyrinth [Visitor]

I’ve watched the opening, it was beautiful, I’m really looking forward to Denno Coil. I’m quite intrigued by The Country Doctor as well.

03/27/07 @ 01:29
Random person
Random person [Visitor]  

I saw Norio in the Bokurano OP this time ’round… I shall not, however, attempt to guess what part he did.

But anyway, I just found out from Oguro Yuichiro’s blog that Takaaki Yamashita’s doing the layout for episode 2 of Coil. Between Gurenn and Coil, my eyes are seeing stars from the overdose of great sakuga.

04/15/07 @ 00:58
Ben [Member]  

I saw that too (the Bokurano op). What shocked me more was to see Osamu Tanabe in there. I didn’t think I’d ever seen him do TV work (again). I wasn’t too sure about ep 1, but seeing the people who worked on the op confirms that there will probably be some very good work in the show later on. It also struck me as a good sign to see Kazuyoshi Yaginuma and Erukin Kawabata listed as co-director/whatever.

04/16/07 @ 17:37
Tsuka [Visitor]  

Denno Coil Opening + Promo movie (5′30)

04/19/07 @ 04:51