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Thursday, February 16, 2006

09:36:47 pm , 186 words, 1490 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil

Denno Coil 電脳コイル


Mitsuo Iso, one of the most talented and influential Japanese animators of the 1990s, is going to be a director. The first piece of information to be made public about the top-secret project that has kept him occupied for the last three or four years has just been posted on the newly-created official site. More will follow with time on the site and in Animage. The novel on which the anime is to be based will be published shortly by Tokuma Shoten, which hosts the site. Iso is credited as creator, writer and director, and it's to be produced at Madhouse. The illustration by Iso gives the first glimpse into what we can expect of the project visually. Unusually, the page makes a public call for applications from experienced animators and directors to join the production staff. I've never seen such a thing for a big studio project before. Presumaly the project is to be a TV series, since they're calling for enshutsu, which usually means episode directors. The title translates literally to "Electric Brain Coil", denno or 'electric brain' being the antiquated term for computer.



Random person
Random person [Visitor]

Iso’s brainchild turning out to be a TV series surprises me. I’m definitely looking forward to it very much - good news after silly Fuji had to cut Mushishi to 20 episodes.

Though I can’t really seem to see what it’s about exactly. It’s great that Iso managed to actually push it through - I guess its like what you and others have said; one good thing about the overabundance of anime means that you get more opportunity for gems to slip through in TV animation.

02/17/06 @ 05:55
Manuloz [Visitor]

That’s great news, indeed !
The picture looks good to me, is there some info about the story.
I wonder who will work on the show in the end, maybe some people we like.

In other news, is there some info about the AD for the Hosoda movie in the japanese side of the net?

02/17/06 @ 07:20
Ben [Visitor]

The one thing that worries me is that Madhouse themselves seem to have an overproliferation of shows. Just right now in production there’s at least Kon’s movie, Hosoda’s movie, a few TV shows like Akagi, and probably some other stuff I don’t even know about. The fact that they have to put out an ad asking for staff is worrisome. So I’m hoping Iso’s production doesn’t suffer because of that. I would be disappointed if all the major animators in Japan didn’t participate. But since many of them are freelance, perhaps there’s still hope, though there are so many other big projects active right now… But then again, Iso’s project is just starting, so I guess there’s still time.

Technically it doesn’t say whether it’ll be a TV series or a movie, so it could still go either way. They do use enshutsu in movies, after all.

The image doesn’t say a single word about the story, so we’ll have to wait and see. I’m tempted to buy the book when it comes out and read it, especially if it’s written by Iso, but I don’t want to spoil the anime so I probably won’t. I actually bought Tsutsui’s Paprika but I decided not to read it.

Still nothing about the AD for Hosoda’s film…

I wonder what 000430MitsuoIso means… That this drawing dates from April 30, 2000, six years ago?

02/17/06 @ 10:06
Manuloz [Visitor]

Moonphase opted for a movie.
That would be cool, if true.
In the case, Iso already secured a story, design… there’s still plenty of time to produce a movie like Hosoda for next year.

There’s an interview with Hosoda in the last S, about his movie, i will try to check it, if i go to Paris today.

there’s a little CM here supposed to be the work of Hosoda, and it’s quite cool.

02/18/06 @ 00:09
Tsuka [Visitor]

Manuloz > Thanks for the information about the Slime TVCM by Hosoda :)
On other hand, you didn’t clicked on the better link. Indeed, it’s not a little CM, the entire promo-movie is also available, 2 minutes long.
Not amazing, but nice. Hosoda style is charming. I made it availaible for download on Catsuka.

02/19/06 @ 07:07