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Sunday, July 8, 2007

02:43:09 pm , 172 words, 1377 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil #9

We were back to the level of quality of the early eps here, with feature AD Ei Inoue, another storyboard by Shinsaku Sasaki (ep 4), and more than anything the animation headed by Toshiyuki Inoue and Takeshi Honda again, joined by Kazutaka Ozaki and Yoshikazu Honma. They'd been absent for a while, and the difference was quite noticeable.

The ep was one of the more entertaining in a while, showing how important the storyboarder is. The wittiness of the script was nice in this ep. I liked the gag about getting drunk on chocolate liquor bottles. Watching this ep I got to thinking it would have been nice if they could have gotten Shinji Otsuka to work on the show. I'd like to see him do some TV work, and he seems a good fit with the rest of the crowd. He could have brought some good humor to the animation that would have worked to the benefit of the ep. He's probably busy at work on some feature project somewhere, as usual.


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