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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

02:21:00 pm , 1380 words, 6647 views     Categories: OVA, Studio: Anime R, 1990s


Capricorn (1991) was the next OVA produced by Aubeck after Garaga. This time it's a real OVA, only 47 minutes long. I just watched this for the first time, and can report that it is not worth revisiting. It has nothing of the quality or charm of Garaga. It's just a sloppy, quickly made adaptation of a manga that doesn't work as a story and has virtually no animation of interest to rescue it. The only reason I write about it here is because it involves Anime R, and the reason why it turned out so crappy is more interesting than the OVA itself.

Due to the relative success of Garaga, the production company Aubeck had intended to use the same staff to produce their next project, an adaptation of the mangaka Joji Manabe's Capricorn. Hidemi Kubo was scheduled to be the director and Anime R was to do the animation again. After Hidemi Kubo drew the storyboard, though, for some reason he had to duck out of the project. That was the first blow. Then, due to scheduling problems, Anime R was not able to devote their full energy to the project. In the end, aside from being headlined by animation director Moriyasu Taniguchi and mecha animation director Toru Yoshida, there are just a few second-tier R animators (none of the stars like Hiroshi Osaka or Hiroyuki Okiura) and the rest of the animator team was apparently thrown together in a rush.

After Hidemi Kubo left, Taniguchi took on the job of animation director on the condition of being able to choose who was to direct the project. The person he chose is Takashi Imanishi, whom Taniguchi had worked under recently on the Sunrise projects Votoms, City Hunter and Armor Hunter Mellowlink. Imanishi was still young but Taniguchi was impressed with his work on these projects. Taniguchi also apparently chose Shinichiro Watanabe, who had begun to make the transition to director, but the credits do not show any trace of his presence if he was indeed involved. Imanishi wound up re-drawing the storyboard based on Kubo's storyboard, so sadly there is probably only scant trace of Kubo's touch left. Perhaps another major reason the project feels rushed is that Takashi Imanishi, Toru Yoshida et al. were concurrently putting most of their effort into the big OVA project Gundam 0083. Rather than being a big effort on their part, it feels like they were just pinch hitters brought in to bring the project to completion.

The results really show that this project was made in a rush. The animation is TV quality for the most part. Even the few bits where the animation is somewhat lively, like the scene in the house at the beginning, where the animator draws the character going through some fun posing, and the scene where the dragon girl escapes her captors a little later, don't really feel that impressive. The very loose drawings reminiscent of Urusei Yatsura show that they were trying for a looser style of animation that would enable more playing around, but even in this department the animation does not feel particularly nice. Any random episode of Urusei Yatsura did that kind of animation better. The drawings don't look bad in the same way as Good Morning Althea. They don't feel like they look wrong because of bad inbetweening. They just feel like the animators didn't have time to draw the animation.

The animation doesn't even feel like it bears the very strong imprint of a sakkan, much less one with such an identifiable style as Moriyasu Taniguchi. Either by this time he wasn't drawing things in such an idiosyncratic way as he did on Votoms many years earlier, or he just didn't actually do that many corrections here. Similarly, I don't feel the very strong impression of Toru Yoshida in the mecha. The only times when I feel his imprint are in a few shots of the grub-looking ships flying by. They were clearly his design and probably drawn by him. So all in all, it's pretty disappointing from an Anime R anime. Not the best showcase of Anime R's style. But then again, they were involved in a ton of projects, and I'm sure that most of them are not that impressive.

I'd be inclined to give the show a pass despite the lackluster animation because I'm actually kind of partial to this style of lighthearted, gag-filled, playful anime. But it just doesn't work. The story is too compressed, first of all, so it doesn't work as a film. But more importantly, even the character animation and drawing aren't that great. The characters just aren't funny or fun to watch they way they are supposed to be. Normally I love this kind of fun and playful character designs, with its many wacky characters based on animals with chicken, frog, cat heads, etc. I love shows like Kaiketsu Zorori that have simple kiddie designs that allow the animators to have more fun moving them. But somehow that equation didn't work in favor of Capricorn. They seem to have set out to make it a simple carefree romp giving the animators room to fill it out with playful animation, but perhaps because of the short schedule, it just wound up feeling cheap, without the playfulness that would have been necessary to make the simple design aesthetic work. Incidentally, the show seems to have ripped off another with the same aesthetic, Spaceship Sagittarius, which is also a lighthearted science fiction romp populated by anthropomorphic animals featuring an anthropomorphic frog character who speaks in Osaka-ben.

Incidentally the mangaka Joji Manabe is NOT the same person as the Oh Pro animator Joji Manabe. They are two different people. For a long time I was confused about this and thought they were the same person, assuming the animator had eventually given up animating and switched to drawing manga or something. The name is actually spelled slightly differently: Joji Manabe spelled 真鍋譲治 is the mangaka who debuted in 1984, whereas Joji Manabe spelled 真鍋譲二 is the Oh Pro animator from the 1970s who worked on such things as Lupin series 1 (1971) and 2 (1977-80), Dokonjo Gaeru (1972-74), Heidi (1974) and Galaxy Express 999 (1978-1981).

When I saw the animation of Capricorn, it made me think of Urusei Yatsura, so the first person that came to mind was Yuji Morikawa, the guy whose name is synonymous with pioneering the wildly exaggerated reaction animation with huge mouth and eyes that defines Urusei Yatsura. There are several shots with huge-mouthed reactions in that style here. But no, surprisingly, he isn't involved. I think I've also long found myself mixing up Yuji Morikawa and Joji Manabe, too, for some reason.

A note about the credits: I've done something novel this time and placed a note by the key animators identifying which studio they belonged to. I thought it would be an interesting way of showing how the key animation credits (in Capricorn and generally) are a mix of animators from different studios. Whereas in Garaga the only studio credited with "Production Assistance" (which is a credit that is often used to credit the subcontracting studio that produced the actual animation), in Capricorn about a dozen studios are mentioned, so with a little research I was able to figure out who belonged to which one.

The first person listed, Ayaka Gun, is probably a pen name. The only other place the name appears is in Pop Chaser, which also featured one other Anime R animator, Kazuaki Mouri, so obviously it's one of the better Anime R animators. I understand why s/he used the name in Pop Chaser - everyone was doing it almost as a joke - but I don't know why they felt the need to use a pen name here. I wonder if it might not be Toru Yoshida himself, because he's from Kagawa prefecture, which contains a district called Ayaka-gun.

Capricorn カプリコン (OVA, 1991, 47mins, Aubeck)

Planning:谷田部雄次Yuji Yatabe
Director:今西隆志Takashi Imanishi
Created by & Structure:真鍋譲治Joji Manabe
Script & Storyboard:今西隆志Takashi Imanishi
真鍋譲治Joji Manabe
Char. Design & Anim. Director:谷口守泰Moriyasu Taniguchi
Mecha Design & Mecha A.D.:吉田徹Toru Yoshida
Key Animation:綾歌軍Ayaka Gun(Anime R)
吉本拓二Takuji Yoshimoto
井上哲Tetsu Inoue
能地清Kiyoshi Noji
河野利幸Toshiyuki Kono
村中博美Hiromi Muranaka(Studio Mu)
山本佐和子Sawako Yamamoto
大島康弘Yasuhiro Ojima
井藤誠Makoto Ifuji(Animation 501?)
飯飼一幸Kazuyuki Igai
福島豊明Toyoaki Fukushima
小倉康治Yasuharu Ogura(Atelier Fukuro)
川島達矢Tatsuya Kawajima
大城勉Tsutomu Oshiro(Studio Emu)
安藤義信Yoshinobu Ando
阿部正実Masami Abe
木村光雅Mitsumasa Kimura(D.A.S.T.)
中平晴也Haruya Nakahira


drmecha [Member]  

Thanks for this post Ben!. I was gonna mention you this title!.
I had downloaded it years ago but I never really saw him. Only i read the credits. (as I have done many times with other titles hehe)

I never knew animation was so poor! I had major expectations.
On the other hand, I had not realized that there were two DAST animators!
Thank you!

07/05/12 @ 11:56
aaron_long [Member]

I have to admit, I’m kind of curious to see this, despite your warning that it’s not very good. Mostly because of the comparison of the art style to Urusei Yatsura, and because I’m a sucker for 1980s goofy comedy anime. I’m more interested in seeing Garaga though, since you said it was better, but I haven’t been able to find it.

07/06/12 @ 06:24
kraker2k [Member]

Sorry to post something a little off topic Ben, but I was wondering if you’ve seen an anime OVA known as Dream Hunter Rem(1985/86)?
I stumbled across the credits and noticed it has a lot of animators that might be of interest to you. It’s got a few people from Anime R on it, Toru Yoshida, Tetsu Inoue, Kazuaki Mouri but it’s also got a lot of other individuals, especially on the first episode.
Hiroyuki Okiura, Hideki Tamura, Hiroaki Gohda, Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Hiroyuki Okiura, Kazuchika Kise, Kenichi Ohnuki, Koji Ito, Masami Obari, Michitaka Kikuchi, Nobuyoshi Habara, Sawako Yamamoto, Shoichi Masuo and Toshiyuki Inoue.
I don’t think you’ve posted about it before, I can’t find it via the search function at least.

07/20/12 @ 05:14
Ben [Member]  

Kraker2k -

No problem at all. I actually know about this, but I think I only saw one episode a long time ago and wasn’t too impressed by it, so I was kind of wary of revisiting it today. Yeah, apparently it was one of the big Anime R projects, with all of the major members involved. I should probably give it another chance to see if there is more to appreciate than I remembered. Even apart from Anime R there are quite a few cool names - Hideki Tamura, Shoichi Masuo, Nobuyoshi Habara, Toshiyuki Inoue…

07/20/12 @ 08:59
cosplay costumes
cosplay costumes [Visitor]

Thanks for your post!

08/11/12 @ 02:54