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Saturday, November 26, 2005

03:22:43 pm , 83 words, 2501 views     Categories: Animation

Cajino trilogy

A note of the Yoshiyuki Momose Cajino trilogy staff:

Portable Airport
Shinji Otsuka, Shinya Ohira, Miwa Sasaki, Tsutomu Shibuya, Osamu Tanabe, Hideki Hamasu, Takeshi Honda, Toshihiko Masuda, Yasunori Miyazawa

Space Station No. 9
Minoru Oba, Shinya Ohira, Ken'ichi Konishi, Osamu Tanabe, Tetsuya Nishio, Shinji Hashimoto, Hideki Hamasu, Takeshi Honda, Toshihiko Masuda

Flying City Plan
Minoru Oba, Masashi Okumura, Masako Sato, Tsutomu Shibuya, Atsushi Tamura, Hideki Hamasu, Takeshi Honda, Atsushi Yamagata, Tadashi Yokota, Hideaki Yoshio

  渋谷 勤、田辺 修、浜洲英喜、
  本田 雄、増田敏彦、宮沢康紀

「space station No.9」
大場 実、大平晋也、小西賢一、
  田辺 修、西尾鉄也、橋本晋治、
  浜洲英喜、本田 雄、増田敏彦

大場 実、奥村正志、佐藤雅子、
  渋谷 勤、田村 篤、浜洲英喜、
  本田 雄、山形厚史、横田匡史、

An amazing lineup in the first two.



Jericho [Visitor]

Pastel colors and secondary movement inside a bubble. Not to mention cool naive futuristic backdrop and kooky lounge. Couldn’t get any better. Thats on the third one, but I couldn’t watch in full the first two.

What is Cajino? I looked up where to get this trilogy and the first piece of merchandise was a collection of shorts that Studio Ghibli is pulling out of its wares. I’m guessing Cajino is another joint animation production house.
By the way the DVD is called Ghibli Short Shorts.
I’d rather find a torrent to watch the whole trilogy, but no luck yet.

12/06/05 @ 14:13
Philip Daniel (aka Konan)
Philip Daniel (aka Konan) [Visitor]

Studio Kajino is a subsidiary of Studio Ghibli that usually handles live-action films such as Hideaki Anno’s “Shiki-Jitsu".
Here are the three music videos for Capsule to download:

12/06/05 @ 15:44
Benjamin Sanders
Benjamin Sanders [Visitor]

Does anyone know which cuts Ohira did on Space Station No.9?

My guess would be the close-up camera move on the model and her dress, into the transformation? And maybe some other bits around their, the stylized figures with cocktails etc…(though they don’t move so much)

06/24/06 @ 15:50
gabe m
gabe m [Visitor]

Philip Daniel (aka Konan)YOU MY FRIEND ARE A SAINT!

01/03/07 @ 16:44