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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

07:50:00 pm , 79 words, 6247 views     Categories: Animation

Anipages on Twitter

I opened a Twitter account recently: Originally I didn't intend to tweet; I just wanted to follow some people. But I decided I'll go ahead and use it to post quick links or news or blurbs that are too short for a full post on the blog. I'm honestly still unsure about the whole thing but I figure I should give it a shot. It's remarkable how many Japanese animators are on Twitter. (though it's mostly just chit-chat)



kraker2k [Member]

Nice to see you on board!
Most animators tend to just chit chat about food or TV but you get a few who divulge interesting info or the odd quick doodle.
Its good for following the old school animators when they become nostalgic of the older days and start talking stories. It was quite interesting to hear stories of Yoshinori Kanada around the time the 2nd anniversary of his death came up, or a while back when Ashida Tooyo passed away.

11/30/11 @ 14:14
bahi JD
bahi JD [Visitor]

Welcome & thanks for following!

By the way, I saw that you tweeted some of Yotube’s works,
here is another one wich is not so public yet, it’s an animation he did for a facebook
application, has lots of Gainax&Redline flair.

12/01/11 @ 02:43
neshru [Member]

About time :P
I’ve looked for your twitter account before, glad to know you finally have one!

12/01/11 @ 03:56
Cathy [Visitor]  

I’m glad you’ve come on board! I have tweeted @anipages in the past despite the fact that you didn’t have a twitter account when writing about your recent posts. :D

12/01/11 @ 23:13
Ben [Member]  

Thanks, everybody!

Kraker2k: Yeah, every once in a while there’s a snippet of interesting commentary about animation-related things from an animator I respect… It’s interesting having a direct pipe of communication with these folks.

Bahi: That Yotube is really talented and versatile (and prolific) though he seems quite young. I think you’re more in touch with this generation online than I am. By the way I dropped in for your drawing session a bit the other day (anonymously).

Neshru: Sorry for the delay in finally getting a twitter… I always have a lag of a few years before jumping onboard to the new techie trends like this… Even blogging I started late into the blogging trend.

Cathy: Thanks for tweeting about my posts all this time! I’ve noticed it in the past in my stats. I really appreciate it. I’m probably not going to use my twitter to announce new posts… unless there are a lot of people who would prefer I do. By the way I loved the post on the Puppet Animashow. Filled in the blanks nicely on my very rudimentary knowledge on that aspect of Okamoto’s career.

12/02/11 @ 06:54
bahi JD
bahi JD [Visitor]

Ben: haha, I’m glad you came by on Ustream. ( ^_^)

The younger generation is hanging around on the web, I’m glad I came accross the whole thing, it all started when you mentioned Desuran and Yotube long time ago on the blog.

So I contacted Desuran (Keisuke Kojima), and surprisingly he was in contact with ALL the current young animators…so he kinda put me into this group of people through Skype & Twitter.

I think it’s really amazing what’s going on currently in the young animators generation. I couldn’t understand everything because of my lack of Nihongo but gladly there are two people in the group that speak nice english, and they always translate for me what’s currently going on, so I can join the whole conversation.

A lot is happening in the background.
What I find great is that Animators are working at seperate Studios, on whole different projects, but they are ONE big group of people, so everyone knows eachother…I wonder if that used to be like this in the old-school times too.

Sometimes they gather together in Tokyo, organizing some little Animator parties.

There is a lot to tell about the young japanese animator generation, but it’s gonna be more interesting to talk about this stuff when everyone gets older.
It’s the time of development right now.

12/04/11 @ 08:10
h_park [Member]

It’s up to you to keep up with Twitter. For me, I never posted anything and it cancelled my account. It’s the content that matters, not the latest tech trend. People use latest tech trends to post all kinds of blurbs, but where do they lead to? Granted that you’re late for blogging, but people respect and follow your postings for the content after all these years.

Glad to hear that you’re in contact with current generation of J. animators despite some language barrier. You love what you’re doing and right people have taken notice. Japanese need people like you.

Hopefully they don’t make same mistake as previous generation like wasting precious resource on Otaku centric shows. Like it or not, Otaku centric shows unsellable to both Japanese mainstream and foreigners.

12/05/11 @ 08:16
Ben [Member]  

Bahi: I think the animator community has always been more connected than we appreciate from this far vantage, but it’s even more extreme now with the internet. You’re in a great position to follow what the young generation is up to. Hope you do that. You should be the one to tell the story of the young generation of animators in Japan.

It makes sense that they all know each other, when you see how obviously an animator has been called in to work on some show because he just did good work on this other show over there. You sense that there’s a lot of connections behind the scenes just seeing how all the good animators tend to coalesce and work on the same projects.

And your Japanese looks pretty good. Noticed you tweet in JP occasionally. Keep it up. Don’t be afraid. No learning without embarrassing mistakes.

H Park: I’m already behind on Twitter. I can’t keep up with all the tweets. I certainly won’t tweet 20,000 times like some people have. Probably won’t even tweet every day. And I won’t tweet good morning, I’m having a donut for breakfast. I’ll stick to using it as a supplement to the blog.

The issue of animators working on moe is a big thing IMO. It’s already bad enough that most animators are forced to work on such material, but the fact is that many of them like it, which makes me concerned that the new generation doesn’t see any problem with this kind of material. That’s where I’m ambivalent about the new generation. I don’t trust their taste or sensibility. They’re not independent-minded and critical enough.

12/06/11 @ 19:05