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Thursday, September 9, 2004

09:26:02 pm , 323 words, 1509 views     Categories: Animation

Anime Yawa

Samurai Champloo 15 was a Kazuto Nakazawa episode and was quite well done, with just the sort of minutely detailed animation I'd expect of him, and some welcome silliness to relieve the dreariness of recent episodes. Suzuki bros were in the house.

Over the last week the Japanese satellite station NHK BS2 has been broadcasting an intriguing program called Anime Yawa (Anime Night Talks). In each episode a number of people spend an hour talking about a certain famous anime, specifically Galaxy Express 999 (the movie) on Monday, Cagliostro on Tuesday, Tomorrow Joe on Wednesday, and Card Captor Sakura on Thursday. It's obviously a rather unusual program and features some impressive guests like Akitaro Daichi, Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Ryu Murakami. Actress Kokusho Sayuri (Eureka) was there for Cagliostro as the non-otaku representative. It was hosted by an expert in the field, Toshiyasu "Otaking" Okada, and reportedly was a gratifying watch for animation fans like myself because it went into specifics about the contributions of animators like Tomonaga and Kanada and Otsuka in the films. Murakami in particular is a huge Kanada fan, and he talked a lot about Kanada, which must have been a thrill for Kanada fans. It's not often you hear the sort of mania talk I'm into, much less on TV, so needless to say, this is rather nice news. The show is an offshoot of the successful series Manga Yawa.

Madhouse has a series called Beck starting in October. I'm curious about it because it's written/directed by Osamu Kobayashi. Now, I'm pretty sure this is not the same Osamu Kobayashi who did Dokonjo Gaeru in 1972. It's confusing because they're written with exactly the same kanji! But the new Kobayashi is just as interesting. I think he did a really weird short for Studio 4°C a few years back. More recently he did the great ending for Gad Guard. I'm curious to see what he'll do with the material here.


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