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Friday, April 2, 2010

08:12:53 pm , 238 words, 1461 views     Categories: Animation, Foreign

A Korean movie to look out for

Triple post threat!!!

I just wanted to direct your eyes to this page full of Korean text and two delicious drawings.

It was brought to my attention in the forum by Peter Chung. I just had to pass it along. Apparently it's for a film now under production (don't know the English title) featuring Kang Won Young as the animation supervisor. He's one of the best mover animators anywhere IMO, and that's just going by the two pieces by him I've seen, and the designs here (by him) look eminently suited to creating exciting movement, so it's something I'll be looking out for. Some serious home-grown talent coming out of the local industry in S. Korea now.

Bones' Heroman just started. Have to check that out. Finally some anime...

Holy smokes. Yasuhiro Aoki has a new short and it's a tourism piece for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. You can see it here. Quite a high-profile commission. Aoki is moving up in the world. I think this is the first thing he's done since the Gotham Knight short. For the uninitiated, prior to this, Yasuhiro Aoki directed Kung Fu Love, several one-minute pieces in the Fluximation and Kimagure Robot series, and numerous episodes of Tweeny Witches. (an old filmography)

Seems like everyone in the anime industry is using Twitter nowadays. It feels so weird to see the likes of Koji Morimoto, Mamoru Hosoda and Yutaka Nakamura twittering (tweeting?) away.



h_park [Member]

The Korean movie title is translated as “Magical Hanja/Kanji". We don’t have to worry about the text yet. It’s a hardcore Korean fan commenting about the image with very little information. (I got confused on some Konglish he used, I must be getting too old…) It looks like he found the director’s blog page and uploaded pictures and making a brief comment about genga pencil test.

I just returned from WonderCon, a comic book convention in San Francisco. Despite its name, there is nothing too wonderful except comic book folks are showing off Superhero genre “animation” trailers full of pans and zooms.

04/03/10 @ 20:53
Ben [Member]  

I see. Thanks for the help, H Park. Okay, I admit I’m a little worried that a film teaching kids how to read hanja/kanji might not wind up being that interesting to someone like me, but I hope the animation at least is good and worth a look.

Sorry to hear about the disappointment at the con. You’re a braver man than me still going to cons. I learned my lesson at the first and last anime con I attended back when I first started watching anime in the early 90s.

04/03/10 @ 21:38
h_park [Member]

Even though I grew up in Korea as a child, I feel so cynical about Korean popular culture which they’re trying sell at their hardest. Speaking of Hanja/Kanji, most Korean text materials use them regularly to my knowledge. Basically the rising power of China as one of the superpowers made Koreans to re-adapt Chinese language as a must. Koreans implemented mandatory English language education for decades when US had considerable economic influence. Now they’re doing the same assimilation.

It’s a good thing that you got away from geek culture convention right away. There is nothing productive about geek convention. I’m not brave as you think. I just happen to be attracted comic con because it’s creator-centric than an anime con. To me, a local anime con has degraded into a teen party ground and consumerist ghetto that doesn’t relate with overall beauty Japanese animation. Plus I hate to put up with consistent geek obnoxiousness like smelly fanboys/fangirls, rude fan film commentators, and unattractive people who dressed up as some geek culture icons.

04/05/10 @ 21:34
h_park [Member]

My mistake: Koreans DO NOT USE Chinese characters regularly on their text materials.

04/05/10 @ 21:36