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Archives for: October 2010, 27

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11:42:46 pm , 400 words, 2429 views     Categories: Animation

Lei Lei wins best narrative short at OIAF

Chinese indie animator Lei Lei (AKA Ray), whom I've mentioned several times previously, just won the award for best narrative short at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. You can see the short (I'm assuming it to be the full short) on his Vimeo account here. Congratulations to Lei Lei and nice to see him getting recognition.

Phil Mulloy's Goodbye Mister Christie won for best feature animation while David O'Reilly's The External World won for best independent short. I haven't seen either film, but both are undoubtedly well deserving of the win based on their past work. As a fan of Ruth Lingford, I was happy to see her latest film Little Deaths win the prize for best experimental/abstract animation.

Full list of OIAF 2010 winners

I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm disappointed Midori-ko didn't win. But then again, not having seen either film yet, I can't judge which is more deserving. It would have been a great coup for Kurosaka to come out of nowhere and win. Oh well. I was hoping to read some reviews of Midori-ko by people who saw the film at the festival, but I haven't found anything yet. I doubt the film's going to come to Vancouver anytime, so I'm left to hope it gets a DVD release sooner rather than later.

The official site for Midori-ko has been up for a while now, and they just posted a trailer for the film, which gives the first real glimpse into what to expect. It looks amazing. It mentions this remarkable statistic: It took him 13 years to make and 30,000 drawings.

In an unrelated note, I just discovered the trailer for the movie Magical Hanja: Stopping the Resurrection of the Great Devil, produced by DNA Productions of South Korea and featuring Kang Won Young as the animation director. I wrote a post about it back in April, as I like Kang Won Young's work and the film promises to be his biggest statement to date. It apparently came out on August 19, 2010. Did any readers in South Korea see this film? The trailer shows some nice looking animation, some of the best I've seen from Korea. It feels influenced by Japanese styles of movement yet unique and original. It looks even better than I was hoping, at least in terms of the animation, so I look forward to seeing this, even if just for the animation.